FACT 132 – i should be writing right now

but of course i’m not. i have a 7 page paper due in about a week, and i’ve got a 8-10 minute presentation due, uh, day after tomorrow (!) and although i’ve done plenty of research, i have yet to actually write the paper or make the presentation, so instead of actually working on my school work, i’ve been fixing up my silkfair shop page: yup, that’s me, hanging out on the front page! here’s the shop a little closer up: doesn’t it look SUPER awesomes! i know! i love this whole Custom Store thing. i haven’t made a single sale on silkfair yet, but i’m starting to like it even more than etsy. *gasp* how could i say such a thing! well, not that i don’t like etsy, but i’m sensing more and more “sale” from etsy, whereas silkfair still seems to have that indie streak that i so covet. not that i didn’t have to pay for the custom shop priviledge, but i like that silkfair is willing to give up control over their “brand” so to speak, in order to help me further my business. i’m sure i’ll keep my shops on both sites, but the “books” link above points you to my silkfair shop, not my etsy shop. it just looks better. (^_^) in other news, i’ve got an update on my goals thread from the NaNo boards. several goals down, slightly less than fifty thousand to go… things to Finish: college – still on schedule! (account hold removed, meeting with graduation advisor immenent!) – english 565 (workshop II) | done! – anthropology 597 | right on target. paper to be written tonight, presentation to be given thursday~ – summer/fall classes | got into fiction workshop II for the fall, scheduled summer class (rhetoric. yay.) bills (this one’s still big (T_T) ) – mastercard (hereafter known as The Rape Lady) | ZOMG DONE! yaaay!!! – discovercard | aka rape lady nouveau. payments scheduled, will be done in october! – car! | 4 payments left, payments also done in october! (yellow and black smart car with little stripes still on the horizon!) – tuition payments (ouch) | still late, but now significantly more late. i think they qualify for a capital L now. Late. crafts – replica of the national treasure 2 president’s book for my fav customer in the UK | holy lord am i still working on this? shouldn’t it be done by now? – 20 books made for a church choir outing this weekend. | done. everyone loved it, and it got me a commission for 15 similar books for the discese of southern ohio diaconate’s ordination. due june 7… our fridge died, but we got a new one, and for free, from our priest (yay churches!) and it’s beautiful and wonderful and even has a built-in ice maker (wow, we’re so bourgeois now~). my summer class wasn’t exactly what i wanted, but i should just be thankful that i got anything at all, given the difficulty i had removing the hold from my university account. (^_^) el ciao, ~meredeth. -promises to go write her paper now. promise.

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