FACT 132 – ill health

just because it’s mental doesn’t mean it’s not considered ill health. so i took the day off today. after a horrendous day yesterday, this one seemed to be going alright for a while anyway. today’s Bad Thing isn’t really horrendous, but it’s still annoying. in other news… well. more Annoying, i guess. i’ve got a stack of pages to read for my paper (7 pgs + 15 min presentation, due in a week) that’s i’ve yet to read. i”m writing my paper on patent law, specifically, the patenting of human genes and their relationship to continued research on the genome. sparked by a NOVA episode on the human genome project with robert kurlwich actually. because mr krulwich is awesome. in other news, photodump: i signed up for a twibe the other day (this would be a group of twitter people, for those of you who have managed to keep yourselves clean from the twitter menace) for etsy people, and i turned out to be the 667th member. i was so sad! i could have been the devil member! (T_T) this is the media pc i built for us here at the beckett household. most of the parts were already lying about the place. i bought… a wireless card ($20), and a (marginally) bigger hard drive ($45) and voila la media pc~ so what was the first thing i did on it? played lufia 2 because of NERd. speaking of NERd: this is with most (not all!) of our computers in the house on. i think this is all of them that connect to the internet anyway. as you can see, we’re a little odd about our naming conventions. our wifi is called Battle of the Rhine. (^_^) going back in time a little, these are the books i made for our little thrift shopping excursion. they were a big hit. actually, i just got a thank you card from our priest (who went along for the ride). it had a nice little piece of handmade paper with some leaf/fern/somethings in it. she’s so nice! this is what they looked like on the table. so colorful! and as proof that i am actually doing something bookbinding-related in amongst all this other bullshit: this is a block of newsprint i bought from u-haul. eh? what the bleeding hell has that got to do with bookbinding, you ask? i’m making a replica of the presiden’t book from national treasure 2, and i need to print out a bunch of the newspapers that were included, cheifly among these of course is the dallas morning whatever from kennedy’s date with destiny. (^^;) i bought a reprint of it (shipping was more than the actual paper (X_X) ) and scanned it in, thinking to print it out and artificially age it, but then i realized, i don’t have anything that can print more that 8.2 inches wide (if you include print margins, the damn things). the u-haul paper is 20 by 27 inches, so i’ll have to cut it down to normal newspaper size, but that still leaves the Printer Problem. my current plan is to employ some creative folding methods (which sounds like creative accounting methods, and is morally quite similar) to make it fit through my printer. in the meantime, however, it’s back to reading that stack of crap for my paper. god i can’t wait to be done with this junk so i can get back to bookbinding, i miss it. (T_T)

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