FACT 122 – i’m an all-girl’s school!

or at least i would be if i spelled my name properly. from the homepage (http://www.meredith.edu/) “Meredith’s tuition remains below the national average for private colleges and universities.” well i am cheap. (^_^) in other news! i still haven’t got any picture of the fabled bag. … i almost wrote the gabled bag. i’m sure it’s not that big. in news that someone may care about (whomever that one person may turn out to be) i’ve joined silkfair, and they’ve recently opened up a custom html feature for beta testing. of course i had to hop on that like something that hops on something else. my first task was simply to learn the templating system. since it’s beta, they don’t have a whole lot of (read: any) instructions about it, so i had to pretty much learn it from ground zero. luckily, it’s super straight forward, and kind of resembles blogger’s templating system (not just a coincidence, apparently). my first go round? a mad jumble to crap with absolutely no css. but? a far departure from the original: add a little css, and you get the beginnings of a real web page: i think once i’m done, i’m going to integrate it with my website so that instead of going to etsy, my BOOKS link goes to the silkfair site. the only thing i can’t change about silkfair is the shopping cart, and frankly, that’s the part i have no interest in doing myself. everything else i can skin. /me is off to watch The Prisoner. the original, thank you very much.

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