FACT 121 – around the world in 80 days

i’m sure i’m the last one to this party, but there’s this map thing called platial, where you can mark your own locations, and share maps of things, etc. anyway, one of my twitter friends mentioned that she had one of where she’d shipped her books, and i thought, that is way too awesome! and i jumped straight on that bandwagon. (^_^) so there we are. the 100 some odd places that i’ve shipped my books. i didn’t include my ACEOs nor my custom stamps, since i wanted to keep it just to books, and it turned out super cool! i’d forgotten about the one i shipped to corfu, and i also realized how many many goodies i ship overseas. i <3 overseas. seriously, i can't wait to travel again. for the moment, however, i must content myself with looking at people's maps and merely dreaming about where i shall go after i win the lottery, or kill a mafia boss and run away with all his moneys, or perhaps drug people up in great bunches and convince them all that they're addicted to books. (^_^) let's see, what other news...? oh yeah, on the G1 front. i think i'm going to buy one next friday. i'd be buying one right now, but one has to pay one's car. (T_T) i keep having moments this week when i think to myself, zomG i could use a g1 right now. i have so many story ideas and good phrases and names and things throughout my day, i need to be able to whip out something with a keyboard and type the scene out before it goes away again. i do have a palm t|x, but the onscreen keyboard is too tiny to be useful for fingers-only, typing with a stylus is impossibly time consuming, and having to bust out my (admitedly fancy) wireless keyboard is hardly an on-the-go solution. plus, the palm has to have a wifi spot in order to get on the internets, and since we haven't got one of those at work, it kind of defeats the point. now if only i could convince my car payment to go take a flying leap, i could get one. zomg! how could i forget! the fabled bag! she be DONE! done done done and oh yeah DONE! she's beautiful, by the way, totally perfect. holds things in ways i really did not imagine when i was designing it. if i'd had some brains, i'd've made it about an inch taller, so it would fit these silly 8.5 by 11 inch papers people keep insisting upon turning their stories in on (^^;) but it really is nice looking. carolyn-san bought me some bright orange webbing, which goes perfectly with the orange stipe, and then she very nicely sewed the snap on the cell phone pocket for me, since it was about to be 1.30 in the bloody morning, and meredeth was simply not prepared to sew on a snap. i’ll put up some pictures eventually here, i promise. seriously, having to work and go to class at the same time is really a serious drag. (^^;) anyhow, it’s back to downloading half the internets. (^_^)

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