FACT 117 – the world is ovah~

alright, in the spirit of Goal-Setting, we shall herein list and keep track of the year’s goal. they are many, but this is The Year of Finishing Things, so they will be Finished. things to be Finished: college (graduation christmas 2009, even if i have to quit my job and rob a bank to do it) – english 565 (workshop II) | two stories to turn in for critique (1 of 2, down!) | two re-write assignments to complete (1of 2 not gotten due to prof losing my story, but i’ll complete re-write on my own) | weekly critiques of others’ works’ (8? 7? of 36 done) – linguistics 597.01 (language death, a GEC credit) (not yet scheduled) – another english 565 (because i can take it more than once for credit) (planned for final quarter, not yet scheduled) – generic english class at 500-level or above (not yet scheduled) bills (this one’ll be big (T_T) ) – mastercard (hereafter known as The Rape Lady) – 5 payments to go – discovercard – so many payments i really can’t count that high. i don’t even know how much total i owe them. … might wanna look into that, i guess. (^^;) – car! – 9 payments left! (then i can pre-order a smart car! yes BABY!) – tuition payments (ouch) – $800+ dollars left for this quarter – three quarters beyond that to go. ouch. crafts – The Fabled Bag (pet name for the longest bookbag making in history (i swear). will eventually be done. i’ve got about half of one panel left, and then i’ll have to stitch it all together. oh yeah, it’s needlepoint.) – book a month (club?) (repurposing of a make your own calendar kit i bought and then decided not to use | january book done (pictures to come later)) – cleaning up my craft space should also be on this list, but i am SO certain that it will never be done, that i almost don’t want to put it down here. (T_T) ok, well i think that’s about plenty for one year, but i will state my goal (technically for next year) is to be prepared to move out on january 1, 2010! yay! ~meredeth.

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