FACT 116 – maybe we can’t…

mood: writerly song: Hard Man Hard Knuckles Mix (by DiscoDan) not that i have enough visitors to actually worry about down time, but if anyone showed up in the past half hour or so, they would have been greeted w/ perhaps the most pointless page i have ever produced. i was editing my entries template in an effort to put the dateline below the title, but meredeth hasn’t quite mastered the intricacies of the foreach loop yet and thus her attempt ended in disaster. it was kind of funny in a way. it said: “no entries to display.” and: “entry 1 of 143 entries.” one of these things is not like the other… anyway. nothing’s really going on today, we’re pretty much ALL sick at my house. at least i can speak again. i was NOT looking forward to calling off for another day. i get paid for it i guess, but it’s still a drag being ill. it definitely hampers the writing effort, which is something i really can’t afford right now. the prof didn’t give me any specific re-writing Assignment as such, but i’ve been stewing on it for a day or two now, and of course i’ve got Ideas. the other night, actually, i was just about to go to sleep when i was struck by an Idea, so i ended up staying up for a couple of hours writing it down. wore out my reading light’s battery. (^_^) i think the whole plot is going to end up changing. not the broad outline, but the details like city names, and number of cities destroyed, and which cities they visit, stuff like that. i think what i’d like to do now is Bowl. Wii Bowling. addendum @ 22:43 ok, i’ve finally found something to write about, and since i think starting another blog entry mere hours after finishing one is a bit retarded, i’ll simply addend the old one. (^_^) first on the docket is my favorite topic, books! i recently bought one of those make-your-own-caledar kits from my local paper fetish store, but when i actually opened the thing, it was inspiring in a calendar way. as usually happens when i spy paper, i thought BOOKS and any calendar-ish thoughts i may have been thinking flew away like the flighty things we all know my thoughts to be. (^^;) in the end i just gave up and ordered a super cool one from deviantART (by the way shipping charges have gotten reDICulous all of a sudden!) and gave myself over to the inevitablity that is this paper becoming books. in honor of its original destiny as a calendar, however, i have decided to do only one book a month, using the papers originally intended for that month. this is convenient for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that i have about half a bazillion unfinished bookblocks hanging around this house, and i’d like to be rid of all of them by the end of the year. this? is the year of finishing things. the calendar was to be only 8.5 by 11 inches, so they have to be small books, but the day planner i have already printed out for this first one is moleskine size (3.5 by 5.5) so they shall all end up being that size. i may even be feeling ambitious enough to do that one tonight. (^_^) the other thing i may be feeling ambitious enought to do tonight (not least of which because it’s already written) is post the first of my serendipity tutorials. the more i use this thing, the more i like it. it’s endlessly customizable, super easy to use, and embeds like a pro. i could build a whole site around this thing. oh wait, i pretty much have. (^_^) and best of all, it’s super free! (^_^) unfortunately, it’s also community supported, which usually i’m all in favor of (hell, i’m using there software, AND i’m posting this from ubuntu at the moment) but in this case, it’s meant that i’ve had one hell of a time finding documentation. so, rather than simply whine about it, or spend a hundred in the forums trawling through things that may or may not be useful, and in lieu of learning german (the official manual is in german) i have decided to simply learn by f-ing things up on my testblog, and then i shall cement my knowledge by writing a serious of tutorials on what i have done. i’m starting with installation and shall be moving on to things such as installing plugins and, my favorite, coding your own theme from scratch! yeah, it’ll be ongoing. (^_^) the thing i have already felt ambitious enough to do tonight is taxes. now, some of you are out there like, damn, that’s a lot of ambition, but what you don’t know about me is that i like doing taxes. i rock at math, i like filling out forms, and even when i started, when i thought i owed the government ~$56, i still couldn’t resist the alure of e-file-ing. i once did my brother’s taxes for him, and i routinely help my sister with hers. so this year, i sat down and plugged in some numbers and found some deductions, and it turns out i actually get most of what i paid back. i could have gotten more probably, if i wasn’t so late w/ my college tuition payments… yeah. anyway, most of my return is probably going to bills. actually all of it is probably going to bills. actually all of it is going to bills. (T_T) anyway, in the long term, that’ll help get more money into my pocket, coz it won’t be going to bills and late fees and overdraft charges, so that makes me happy. (^_^) this is, after all, The Year of Finishing Things. oh yeah, also? work still continues on The Fabled Bag. also also? the bowling was cool. i won all three sets!

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