FACT 14 – hermit

oh my goodness! i finally got out of the house this afternoon. good thing, too. it’s payday. of course with one day off for my car/ambition won’t start and two days off for it snowed so much we can’t get out of our driveways, it’s not so much a payday as an omg what happened to all my money? day. which is a major shame, because i spent tuesday morning in a tire shop spending the remainder of my life’s savings on two new front tires and an alignment i desperately needed. a while back, i ran over a nail and broke my tire. luckily, the place down the street fixed it for free, but when they put it back on, they knocked my front passenger tire all out of alignment, so i’ve been driving around in a car that will turn a corner when you let go of the steering wheel, whether you want it to or not. (^^;) the place i went to yesterday had a sale on both the tires and the alignment, so i suppose overall it wasn’t too bad, but the appointment was at 9 am, and it took and hour and a half, and i am not a morning person. morning mourning, you might say. on the bright side, i had nothing else to do, so i translated a bunch of YOU-kun’s journal entries.

… now if i can find some time to put them up …

excerpt from the weather channel : chance of snow 30%.
what i’m saying : that’s a pretty bold 30% out there covering my car up again.

actually, i love snow. i don’t even mind driving in it. rather, i find driving in it a fun adventure, even if i end up stuck and having to call my mother for a tow. it gets me out of my routine just long enough to make things fun, and i can just tell everyone that i was stuck in the snow and couldn’t possibly have made it to work that day, so sorry. (^_^) even the two hours at the tire place weren’t hideous, as much as i complain. although, they did have jerry springer on their tv, so maybe it was that bad after all! (^_-)

i’ve put a couple new things up over on etsy. i made a fancy new sewing frame the other day, too, so i’ve been trying out new binding styles. that frame is the only way i got to make that big suede thing. isn’t it just awesome!? i also bought a cute little hand electric drill/screwdriver, which is even more awesome than the book.

aaarg! why am i not at home, where i could take pictures of these lovely items!

speaking of lovely items, heise jinyao. not that she particularly needs any more lovin’, and her obsession w/ ball-jointed dolls is kind of creepy, but she can paint like a master. if i could make pixels do that, you would not see me in an insurance office, that’s for sure.

… speaking of which, i suppose it’s time to stop messing around and send out those late pay letters, huh? poo head.

edit: eheheh. spelling peoples’ names right? why on earth would i want to do that? eheh. heh. heh.


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