FACT 15 – sado masochism

i’m sure i’ll get some slack for this, but why is bleach so bleeding popular? this series sucks! twenty-two episodes of hideous drivel. they can’t be bothered to just have a battle, they have to stop and talk about it for twenty minutes. the sole saving grace of the series is orihime, who makes all things better. … that is until she gets her little sprites, at which point she only serves to bring disgusting attempts at cuteness to the series. and i have never been a big fan of having to recite something whenever you do some fancy move, and the sheer length of the recitatives in this series make me want to stab my own ear out. then you add in the hideous writing and the non-existant drama and the way in which they subbornly refuse to let the audience in on anything which is supposed to be gasp-inducing, but which in actuality, since they won’t let the audience in on it, only serves to induce yawns.

which draws the question: why the HELL am i still watching? characters incessantly repeating one another, battles constantly interrupted by meaningless babble, STAB!

i’ve heard that the soul society arc really sucks anyway, but i’m wondering why anyone kept watching? is the manga somehow righteously awesome and everybody was hoping the anime would pick up at some point? or maybe there was nothing better on TV back when it first came on?

i’d start to wonder if something weren’t terribly wrong with me, that i continue to watch this thing, except that at least i stopped watching eureka_7. i simply could no longer stand series with 14-year-old protagonists and no discernable writing abilities on the part of the series creators. then along came bleach, w/ a 17-year-old protagonist and — oh wait! — NO DISCERNABLE WRITING ABILITIES ON THE PART OF THE SERIES CREATORS. HRM.


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