fact 41 – it’s not hot

by the great tentacles of the flying spagetti monster! the air conditioner was fixed this thurday past, and it is finally a beautiful balmy 72 degrees fahrenheit in my house. of course, i haven’t stopped blowing my nose since it was turned back on, but i think i’ll take the trade. there are pharmaceuticals available for my nose’s problem.

the other thing i’m super happy about at the moment? the newest addition to our family! that’s right, we finally ran out of space on our valiant Leitmotif. that would be the hard drive we were using to store our music. the whole folder was shared on the network so we could all listen to the stuff. we had 75 gigs of it. that’s right, we filled it to brimming. so my lovely sister helped me adopt Proxy, a 250 gig “SimpleShare” network attached storage drive from SimpleTech. they weren’t kidding about when they named their product either. you hook the thing up to your router, you turn it on, and badaboom badabing, there it is. well, my original experience wasn’t quite as easy, but if you’re having trouble with yours, i advise you to make sure of the following thing: is your router’s firmware up to date? especially since this pretty much solved my entire problem. i sent the first one i got back as defective, but now that i’ve solved the problem, i have a strong suspicion that nothing was really wrong with it. so update your firmware, routers of the world! i now have 250 gigs of delicious music server. and it was just in time, too, because my main desktop has fried out. it wasn’t doing too well with the air conditioner out – kept overheating and when it was running, it was doing so about 20 degrees celcius over normal – but even now that the air conditioner’s back, it’s still not doing well – running in safe mode for about an hour before blipping off, and still running ~10 degrees over the norm. after much fretting and pulling of hair and rending of teeth, i found the problem: my processor is overheating and triggering the auto-shutdown on my motherboard. well, the processor’s old, and the motherboard’s about a generation behind, so i guess it’s to be expected. it seems to be the season for buying new PC equipment anyway. but of course, i STILL have not found gainful employment, so i guess Visited With the Justice of The Church is just going to have to sit there on the desk, its lifeless husk haunting my dreams and preventing me from furthing my quest to finish all five myst games. ah well, Sheol is still up and running, win 98 SE to be specific. i’m keeping it off the network and only using it for old school games like Realms of the Haunting and Lode Runner. oh and Tank Commander. How could you not like a game where you get to run over pedestrians with a tank. as part of your mission.



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