FACT 42 – anything goes!

remember those indiana jones diaries i was making a while back? no? … oh. well since i can’t find the post either, i’ll tell you. i’ve been making a series of tutorials (two to go!) on how to make a replica grail diary over on dA, and i’ve finally managed to finish them, so i listed them over on notuboc. it’ll be kind of sad to part with them, they are hawt, but i need mulah. (^_^) turns out we can only get about $200 for my poor tercel. i’ve gone as far as i can go with those purple japanese books, and i’ll be shipping at least 10 of them off as soon as i get his payment, and hopefully he’ll be so blown away that he’ll beg me for the rest of them [not likely, but a girl can hope]. i made a sale on etsy today, too, so my mood pretty much cannot be altered. … famous last words. now if only i could win the lottery or something… (^_^)

in other news, i’m thinking about setting up a mailing list for my shop. would anyone actually be interested in knowing when i list a new item?


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