fact 44 – gainful employment

i’d almost forgotten what it feels like. (^_^) i’ve been watching training videos for two hours, and now i get to read pdfs until my eyes fall out of my head, but frankly, for a paycheck, i’m willing to do it. plus, if i’m going to write manuals & faqs for the things, it’d be nice if i knew how to use the stuff myself… (^^’) what am i doing, you ask? i’m a freelance writer! yays! working from home? check. writing for a living? check. resonably sassy boss? check. … maybe double check on that one. (^_^) took a break a few minutes ago to take a shower? oh yeah baby, check! i’m already in love with working from home. and i’ve already found something to waste my money on. seahope, a place for the watch-fetishist in all of us. hell, i’ve got like a dozen of the things. it’s that and shoes, basically. incidentally, i was cleaning my room the other day, and it turns out i have something like 20+ pairs of shoes. X_X

also, i sold one of the indiana jones books, so if you want one, grab one now, they’re going fast~


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