FACT 45 – The Manager is has all the permissions.

but i guess that’s why they hired me, isn’t it. i got a care package from my new boss-lady the other day. actually, it contained some software that i’m learning for the job, but there was fun stuff, too. some popcorn, since i’ll be watching and editing all their tutorial videos, a lovely welcome card on which my name has been correctly spelt (YAYS!), and a frog, labeled “coworker.” apparently, it can be shot off of my finger as a last-ditch means of self-defense, but taking it out of its little package would destroy its label, so it shall be left alone in its plastic home.

in other news, did you know there was a full lunar eclipse the other day? i didn’t really realize it until i was driving home from dick blicks monday night and saw the moon. my cell phone didn’t really capture it that well, but the moon was a nice scary red shade and looked super close in that creepy way the moon has. then i got home and read yuu’s post on how sad he was that the cloud cover that night prevented him from seeing the eclipse, and i realized that must be the cause of the red moon.

speaking of yuu’s posts, do you realize i’ve had over 10,000 people look at that site? (O_O)! and to think, i haven’t had any time to study my japanese in like weeks. this new job! (^_^) actually, i’m liking it pretty much. i need a seperate work space so i don’t have so many distractions, but i was pretty much born to edit, so it’s working out quite nicely. i just need to start waking up a little earlier so i can have enough time to do the work stuff AND the fun stuff.

speaking of fun stuff, i bought Sierra’s Phantasmagoria off of eBay the other day. it got here today, but i haven’t had a chance to play it yet. i didn’t work that much yesterday, since my normal work time was taken up with a paid taste test for wendy’s (tasty, but not mind-altering) so i’ve been trying to make up the time today. my boss would be pleased to hear of my commitment, i suppose, but Sheol, my designated old-school computer, is crying, i just know it.

speaking of crying (lord, i’m all about the linking this evening, ne?) i watched kagen no tsuki ~Last Quarter~ the other night. it was actually pretty good, considering a rock star got top billing. not that i don’t love HYDE. after all, why do you think i rented the movie in the first place? … well, okay, i rented it because i loved the manga, but i’ve also seen Moon Child, so if that doesn’t prove i’m a Fan, then nothing will. … well, okay, i rented that movie because of Gackt and yuu, but WHATEVER! (^^’) Last Quarter wasn’t bad, and the theme song has been stuck in my head ever since. i’d really like 80s rock version that they had in the music video in the movie, but the versions on the movie’s OST are the piano and guitar versions. not bad, but still. i understand that the rock version is on HYDE’s first solo album, Roentgen? i can’t find anywhere to download it, so i may have to save up and buy the thing. (T_T) it’s like $40 on amazon, though.

speaking of HYDE, have you heard SEVENTH HEAVEN? watch it on YouTube, you’ll be stuck singing it for weeks, i promise. plus, the video’s odd. like, Odd.

well then, i’m off to play Phantasmagoria. incidentally, did you know Nobuo Uematsu released a solo album in 2002 by the same name? i must have it!

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