let me tell you how my week has been going so far…

yeah, pretty much. that is, or rather, that used to be, my wheel rim. i swear, these cars these days, you drive over one honkin big curb at speeds, you know, of a certian speed, so to speak, and they just bend right out of shape. (^^;) just coz i didn’t know which driveway i was supposed to be going in to… all humor aside, i am pretty well fucked now, because i still owe the great and wonderful wizard that is The Ohio State University about six hundred dollars. and i just read that gordon gee, the head wizard himself, is the highest-paid state university president in the country. i thought, bullshit. there’s no bowtie in the world worth that kind of money. maybe if we stopped paying our damn presidents more than they need and start reducing tuition a little bit, we might improve things that are worth improving instead of insuring that mrs. gee has the fanciest drapes money can possibly buy.

but all is not doom and gloom here in the yatsu household, nay nay, far from it. i am on vacation this week, all week, thank you PTO. also, i wrote an unbelievable amount of words last night. i wrote almost three thousand words in just under two hours. i was like, jesus, no wonder i’m so bleeding tired. the story, of course, needs a little work… okay, it needs, like, a ton of work, but the point is that i am writing. did i perhaps change the profession of the main character a quarter of the way through, only to change it back a couple of thousand words later? perhaps i did. is the ending clear to me in any way whatsoever? it is not, and may never be. has my plot suddenly turned into a homosexual love triangle with one lone girl hanging out in the wings waiting to step in and save the whole world while my bisexual lead obstinantly refuses to believe that he has any part whatsoever to play in this drama, let alone the most important part? like anyone here hasn’t had that happen to them before. so, i will continue writing. why? well, like everything else in this life, the answer is threefold. a) i’m a writer, b) i have no interest in writing my essay, and c) i have a week’s vacation.

see you on the other side of 25k!

(this week, our sponser is, The Comma!)

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