well, technically, it’s six minutes into day twenty-two, but i’ve just written 2800+ words in just under two hours, and i’m feeling pretty high about it, or at least, i’m feeling pretty high, so we’re just going to call it day twenty. i was super sick last night, to the point where i went through about half a box of tissues is just a couple of hours. my nose? is still red. i only wrote 500 words last night. i was, as of this morning, 5400+ words behind. as of the twentieth? i’m just 2077 words behind. my fingers? are totally about to fall off.

the odd thing that’s happening to me during this year’s nano is that i keep — well, to be perfectly frank, i keep killing off all my main character’s friends, but what i was going to talk about is that i keep discovering things about the future of my plot as i’m writing it. now, i am not an outliner, but i’ll usually have a vague idea of the ending before i start. indeed, i often have the ending in mind before i know what the beginning is. i certainly know where i want it to end up this time. actually, i’ve written half that scene already. but i usually have at least some vague idea about what’s going to happen in the middle. this year? hell no. i had a beginning i’d already written (that got completely redone), i had no bleeding idea about the middle (which might explain this Odd Thing), and i had a seriously firm idea about the ending. … or so i thought. a couple days ago, i was driving around with my mom, thinking about my story, and i suddenly realized a hideously horrible thing that will happen to my poor beleagured main character as a direct result of his actions in the ending i had already been envisioning. while i was writing today’s flaming word count (^_^) i kept having revelation after revelation about who’s dying, how, when, what poor reiki is going to do about when it happens. i actually had to go back and fill in some sections after i’d already written what is now essentially the story’s future, because i got to a certain point, and i realized, oh! this, this and that has to happen so that when we actually do get to this point for real, reiki’s already been traumatized, and is, to say the least, vehemently against losing another friend.

can i just say, at this point, I LOVE WRITING! keeeee~

today’s sponser? probably oxygen highs. choir this evening was a serious breathing workout, and no joke.

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