mobiboc d – desperately ill

actually, it wouldn’t be so bad if i could stop coughing. it’s that cough where, once you start, you can’t stop. so i just don’t allow myself to start. yesterday, i couldn’t swallow, day before that, i could hardly breathe, so i don’t know if you want to consider today an improvement, but at least i made it to work today. my poor nose is so red and swollen from constant blowing. on a related note, the wikipedia article on noses really sucks. i need anatomical charts, people, not giant pictures of dog snouts. in other news, the rest of my life seems to be going not hideously for the moment. i don’t wanna brag, just in case, you know, but all in all, i might even be inclined to use the word “nicely” to describe the current trajectory of my life. (^_^) i’m signing papers for a shiny new apartment on friday (zomg, the day after tomorrow!) and this weekend begins the Great Paint-a-thon (actually only about a room and a half, but we’ve only got a day and a half in which to do it) and then a week of moving boxes over, one tiny car-load at a time, after hours (since i /really/ can’t spare any more time now) and then on the 12er (only 9 days from now??? what!!!???) I’LL MOVE IN!!! ohmigawd i’m so excited just thinking about it~ i’m not gonna have everything i’d wanted, but i’ve got (almost) everything i need, so i’ll just have to get over it. the only “necessity” i’m missing is a vaccuum cleaner, but i can borrow my mom’s that first weekend and then i’ll buy one in a month or so. i don’t have the car payment that i thought i would have by now, so i’ll have a bit of extra cashes with which to vaccuum my shiny new abode. also on the docket is purchasing (or perhaps building, if i can find an excuse to splurge) a media pc. i have a pre-built model already picked out, which isn’t fancy to the point of hysteria, but which would serve perfectly well w/ the addition of a frilly graphics card. i also have the components for a notuboc-built model, so to speak, weighing down my newegg shopping cart. (^^;) the pc that would result in a moderately fancy gaming pc, provided i can live w/ putting windows on it. otherwise, i shall end up with a massively overpowered ubuntu box that could play games provided any good ones could run on wine. … okay, well, upon browsing through the wine app database and i see that things have improved, but i also see that media money is still unusably slow, and that lightroom suffers from the same problems. really, these are the only two barriers for a windows-free me– oh wait, let me check out steam + audiosurf… hm. a mixed bag it seems. well, guess i can’t yet go totally windows-free, but i have hope~ frankly, it’s not like i do a crapload of pc gaming. i’m mostly a console girl in that respect. actually, i’m mostly a handheld girl in that respect, although i have been all about the headshots lately (read: borderlands ftw, hands down). i suppose in the end, i’ll probably just deal without a proper dvd player for a minute, while i save up for the notuboc-built version. (^_^) i’ve got an xbox and a netflix subscription in the meanwhile, so i can deal. for a little while. i guess. (^_^) .

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