FACT 155 – maaad~

that’s right, i’m maaad! actually, i’m terribly happy~ (^_^) i have an appointment on tuesday morning (or wednesday, if i can switch it) to pick out… MY BRAND NEW APARTMENT!!!11!! (^_^) so a march 5th move-in date might not be shockingly out of the question after all. March Madness is ON! i was (and still am, honestly) a little concerned that finances won’t come together, but i think overall, everything’s going well, and i’m psyched up about my chances for a medal on the 5th… oh wait, sorry. too much olympics. (^_^) in fact, i’m such an olympics junkie that i rifled through my parents’ bills last night so i could find their cable tv account number so i could sign in to watch the’lympics online. and this, just for curling. (women’s, UK v JAP, by the way JAP taught some UK girls how it’s done~) … actually, it seems curling and hockey is about all that’s on the online things at the moment. huh. what i’d really like is for all olympic coverage to be online. although after i move out, since i won’t be paying for cable, i therefore won’t be able to watch online next time. dummies. stoopic nbc. seriously, having to log on to watch olympic coverage? i guess olympic spirit does not involve encouraging others in their desire to support our team by watching them, only by paying to watch them. i guess i’ll still have the regular network channel to watch, but that’s only the most popular stuff. figure skating is nice, especially the ice dancing non-compulsory stuff, and i’ll watch snowboarding anything, but in the summer olympics, they put the cool stuff like judo and fencing online, and i won’t be able to see that stuff in 2 years. (T_T) in other shocking news, i went to the paper store today. ^^; what’s truly shocking here is that i bought some paper with a specific plan, and then came straight home and cut out the text block for those planned books. i know. crazy talk. actually, i didn’t do it straight away. i came home and filled up my (superflat and still out of alignment) tire, and then went back out and got my hairs cut! before: and then after: actually in that shot, i look kind of like the new doctor, but i swear it’s not like that in person. (^_^) there is one little piece of hair that’s not quite long enough to go properly behind my ear, and so keeps getting right in my face, but give me a week, i’m sure it’ll be fine. my hair grows like a pubescent red-headed stepchild. (^_^) anyhow, back to bookbinding for me~ this post brought to you, actually, by my love of fact-verification. (^_^) .

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