FACT 146 – sweet freedom!

well, not entirely. i still live in my parent’s house, but at least i no longer have to go to class each day. i no longer have to pay $1200 a quarter for one stinking class, to edge one eeking little tiptoe closer to graduation. i AM graduating. THIS SUNDAY. yaaaaay! w000000t! the crowd goes WWWIIILLLDDD!!! okay, seriously, 10 years and 6 months later, i’ve about had enough college, and i am ready to move ON with my existance. and so i spent today at work planning to do just that! i bought this cool business planning thing from barnes & noble (with my All To Myself paycheck mentioned last time!) and now i’m filling it out, and thinking all about product lines, and marketing, and deciding what kind of sale i’ll be having this weekend. that’s right, i’ll be having some massive kind of sale this weekend, so that while i’m enjoying myself at the graduation ceremony, you might make your own weekend more enjoyable with the thoughts of blank pages. (^_^) also, i am planning on going all out with my shop in 2010, so i need to clear some inventory room. this means that it will be one massive sale. normally i do free shipping, but this time it’s none of the pansy stuff. (^_^) i’m going for buy one get one! i’ll be putting a sign up in my shop on friday, but for those of you who read this blog, you get a little advanced notice. (^_^) so get ready! graduation and BOGO await!

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