NaNoWriMo 2009 – recap

well, this should have been done yesterday, but i was so dreadfully ill yesterday that actually i’m still a little ill today. at least i am upright today. yesterday, not so much. (T_T) nano this year was strange. i had so many other things going on, and then my final paper and attendant presentation was suddenly due a hell of a lot sooner than i had thought (like, a week sooner), so now that it’s over, i mean everything, really over, i’m suffering from severe post-nano let down! (^^;) i keep wandering around, like, um, shouldn’t i be doing something, like urgently, like right now? no. actually, i have precisely zero projects. my nano story actually isn’t done, i’ve still got a couple of scenes to finish, but w/out the looming deadline of nano to back me up, i think that’s going to be a bit slower in coming. and of course the fact that i literally spent the entirety of yesterday splayed out on the couch, barely able to lift my water bottle to my mouth to prevent total dehydration didn’t help my ambition. (^^;) not that meredeth ever stays idle for long. oh no. (^_^) i got about five entries behind on my YOUkun translation blog, so i did a couple of those entries (i’ll catch up soon, folks, i promise!) and i cut out paper for two book blocks, which i’m punching and sewing right this very moment (more non-traditional books made from candy boxes to come, watch the shop, folks!), so it’s not like i’m doing nothing, but the absence of deadlines is definitely disconcerting. (^^;) for instance, i got paid the day after thanksgiving, as usual, so i went out on black friday and spent nearly the entire thing, as 100% NOT usual. i can’t even remember the last time i got to spend my paycheck, my /whole/ paycheck on whatever i wanted. it was glorious. i bought a fancy new keyboard for our media pc, and a brand spanking new flat panel monitor to replace the 19″ crt monitor we still had on the regular desktop, and i found the perfect present for my mother, which, because there is a possibillity, no matter how remote, that she may read this blog, i shall fail to name here but trust me it’s cool. my last couple of paychecks for the year will be going to christmas presents and saving up for an apartment (i hope to move in late january or early february) so it won’t be happening again any time soon, but it was really nice to have no restrictions and nothing i had to buy. christmas this year is going to be fun. (^_^) looking ahead to next year, i’m (hopefully) going to spend january and february either preparing to move, moving, or settling in to a shiny new apartment (and adjusting to life w/out five other people constantly walking in and out of the room), and then i think i’m really going to throw my back into my business. i 100% neglected my etsy shop this year, and yet i’m pretty sure it managed to make me a fair amount of money. i was already planning on going official in 2010, getting a vendor’s license and all the attendant tax payments that go with it, but maybe i can even save up and get to a few workshops this year. i am currently 100% self-taught as a bookbinder, and it would be really nice to get some instruction on advanced techniques and maybe see how others do the binding thing. certainly meeting otheer bookbinders face to face would be awesome. our bookbinding etsy street team (BESTbooks!) is 100% awesome, but i wouldn’t mind talking to some of them across a table, rather than just typing at them in a chat room. (^^;) for now, though, i have plenty of time to chill out and do nothing for a while. it’s already growing on me. (^_^) … normally, i guess, year-in-review posts happen in december, but i think for many Wrimos, the close of NaNoWriMo feels more like the end of the year than december does. puts us all in nostalgic/recap modes. it certainly does that for me~ anyway, i guess i’m off to do something 100% unproductive w/ my time. maybe i’ll go play harvest moon! (^_^) this post brought to you 100% by the urge to do nothing. .

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