FACT 144 – dr jekyll and mr hyde

this is what i’ve been doing while waiting for my internets to come back up: mm? why is there a skull? and some kind of green vial thing… and what in the name of the gods is up with all those ruffles? meredeth, what have you made??? a calm classy exterior… but a gruesome and bloody interior!!! that’s right, it’s a jekyll/hyde book. (^_^) i took 11 pictures, but only 5 fit in my etsy listing, so here in this fancy blog post, i present to you the results of my over-happy shutter finger. (^_^) it’s on sale in my etsy shop, and it’s my entry for this year’s BESTbooks Zombie Award, so if you like it, i’d appreciate a vote when the tally goes up friday the 23rd on our blog. thankies~

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