FACT 139 – try and stop me

thought i’d give a little update on my year’s goal, as they’ve just had a major change. things to Finish: college – completely fucked. – anthropology 597 | finished, got an A, although the system now says i don’t have any credit for it at all. – summer classes | rhetoric not hideous, but certainly not something i’ll ever do again thank you very much, final was thursday, grades expected this week, but of course i won’t get to see them until the financial aid office decides to get my paperwork proving how unable i am to pay their student loans WHILE I’M STILL TRYING TO PAY THEM FOR MY CURRENT COURSEWORK… fall classes | …which will be at least twice as much for the fall quarter as i was anticipating. i went to apply to graduate this past friday, and the lady was going over all my classes, and she’s like, “so you’re going to schedule your last social sciences elective in the fall, too?” … i was like, “what social sciences elective.” — ps, when i reapplied, this is the same lady i spoke with. the same lady who told me i had only one elective, the 597 class that i took in the spring. the one i’m not getting credit for any more. so it turns out i have to take two classes this fall instead of just the one i was planning on. either that, or go another quarter, and put off graduation until the spring. fuck? that. so it’ll be $2400 for the fall quarter. — ps, you wanna know why i had no idea about this mysterious extra class? i’ll tell you why. there are two sets of graduation requirements that may apply to me. the first being the set that was in place when i started college, back in 1999. the second set is the updated requirements that actually do apply to me, since i dropped out in the middle for so long. i’m nearly certain that the lady had the sheet for the previous requirements when she was talking to me when i met with her to reapply. she told me there was an updated set of requirements, she told me the old ones no longer applied to me, but i’m also sure she said i had only one elective left. i said to her that i knew i was so close, and that if i had to rob a bank i was gonna graduate, and she said to me that we shouldn’t do anything like that. i’m hoping i still have the paperwork in my bedroom to prove it. bills (not as big as it used to be~) – discovercard | aka rape lady nouveau. three payments down, three to go. – car! | 2 payments left, turns out i’ll be done in september. i’m seriously so happy about that it gets me a little choked up. seriously. – tuition payments (ouch) | please. let’s not even go into it. and then she was like, cap and gown are on sale for $30? i was like, i have to pay you even for the damn things i’m supposed to wear? fuck? that. crafts – replica of the national treasure 2 president’s book for my fav customer in the UK | yes, i’m still working on this. 1/2 term classes have a way of making all else in one’s life freeze. i’m actually binding it right now, though. i’ve gotta work on the presidential seal, and then i’ll be pretty much done. ’bout damn time… – diocesian books a super hit! the guy that actually ordered them was super pleased, and he said the new deacons like them, too. i’ve started listing more stuff on etsy/silkfair, too so [spam] head on over to http://books.notuboc.com to see what’s new[/spam]. — in other news, i read an article in the local paper the other day about a bunch of retail spaces they’re trying to fill south of campus. they’re starting what they’ve called Arts Alley, where they’re giving studio space to artists with free rent for a year. they haven’t started taking applications yet, but i’ve got myself on a list of interested peoples. i think public/walk-in bookbinding demos and classes would be perfect for an area right around the corner from barnes and noble~ … so a crapload of bad, a little bit of good. speaking of good, my fancy mp3 player is both fancy and an mp3 player. (^_^) i’ve kitted myself out with a fancy skin and a flash skin (which actually changes the music-playing interface, and is totally and completely awesome) and basically i then spent the entire first week saying, “wow! i’ve never heard that part of the song before!” the interface takes a little getting used to, but actually it’s not that bad. and it gives super good sound. the other super cool thing i did was make a case for it. from an altoids mint tin. that’s right, the darling child of instructables can also be made into a case for the cowon d2+. i’ll take some pictures later. for now, it’s off to kill things, final fantasy XII style. balthier + fran = win. .

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