interlude 2 – book roasting

BEST books is having a virtual BBQ this weekend. here’s how it works: you find the BBQ items we’ve all hidden in our stores, you email UsefulBooks with what you found, and then on tuesday we pull your name out of a hat and declare you the winner! … well, obviously that last part is only true for one of you, but still. you get the idea. if you feel like that’s not enough of a chance to get your hands on a $30 gift certificate (good at participating BESTbooks member stores) than you can always make a purchase from one of the participating stores, and leave a little BBQ note to the seller when you buy it. that gets you another entry. we’ll announce the winner sometime wednesday, so get searching people! what’s that? you have questions? jeez. i guess it might help to know what the heck you’re looking for. or indeed where to look for it. (^_^) you can check our blog for all the gruesome details. ~meredeth. oh p.s. i had a dream where i bought bacon-scented deodorant, and then i turned out to be super allergic to it, and i had about a bazillion little ovaloid welts under my arms. this? is the wierdest dream i’ve ever had. hopefully. .

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