FACT 134 – librarything

i own a g1, why should i have to buy a barcodescanner/cuecat in order to put my (extensive) library on librarything? WHY? if i were a coder, i wouldn’t be having this problem. if -ing shelves would -ing come out, i wouldn’t be having this problem. (^_^) if i knew what to do with this: import android droid = android.Android() code = droid.scanBarcode() isbn = int(code[‘result’][‘SCAN_RESULT’]) url = “http://books.google.com?q=%d” % isbn droid.startActivity(’android.intent.action.VIEW’, url) (from matt cutts’s blog) i wouldn’t be having this problem. etc. in my ideal world, someone would mashup Barcode Scanner and Librarything’s API, and my life would proceed to the awesome phase. … okay, during the 45 minutes i’ve been writing this entry (slow? me? what?) i’ve found a solution! ScanPaste + Barcode Scanner + Librarything’s bulk add = about five more steps than should have to occur, but i WILL have my library on librarything! i WILL! p.s. i’m notuboc on librarything. come say hi! .

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