FACT 133 – crazy

aw, i’ve been featured in a blog~ and a damn nice-lookin’ one, too. (^_^) http://handboundweekly.blogspot.com/ almost makes me wanna re-design my blog. almost. (^_^) i did my sister’s, though! now her blog matches her silkfair shop! and it ain’t bad, if i do say so myself. my own lowly blog-a-blog matches my store as well, ps. so now there’s two different places you can buy my happy books, either silkfair or etsy~ … okay, i’m sure i had more to write about that, but the fact is that i’m watching the happiness of the katakuris, and the fact is that neither the wikipedia article nor the imdb summaries gives even the slightest hit to the incredibly crazydistracting power of this movie. it is, in short, fucked. .

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