FACT 123 – the second croissant

like the other shoe, only more buttery. i’m still in lurv w/ my phone, as, i believe, i always shall be. (^_^) there’s a netflix client that i used to put a couple of movies on my queue in the middle of class on thursday. !. it was so awesome, i just about squealed. what i’m really here to do, however, is (finally) reveal the beauty of TFB. those of you who can remember back a reasonable amount of time will recall that the first mention of The Fabled Bag (way back before it even had a moniker) was in september. that’s right, nigh on six months to finish this bag. it took me a little over five months from buying the canvas to slinging the bag over my shoulder at 1.30 in the morning and then stumbling down to my bed. along the way, the bag gained a moniker, my wrist gained some kind of repetitive stress injury, (^^;) but my bag did eventually get finished. as proof, i offer the following evidence: that’s the front flap. you can see deedlit adorning the little corner there. parn was lost many moons ago. poor parn. i miss him still. (T_T) i have other pictures, which you are welcome to view on my flickr photostream. in the obligatory other news, we have an ongoing SAga at church about whether we should replace our (definitely gorgeous, academically SWEET, dutch renaissance-mocking) organ with something (perhaps something that doesn’t require x-ray vision for us to see each other? perhaps something that play in more than one style?) more suitable to our needs. the main problem is that, because the thing is so dutch renaissance, as in it was built to precisely replicate an organ that was built during the dutch renaissance, so that it could play those pieces as they were heard way back in those days (that would be the 1500s for those of you wondering), and so it’s what’s called a tracking organ. this means that when the key is depressed, it opens a valve directly to the pipe, and thus the pipes must remain precisely where they are when in relation to the organ, which is, at the moment, on top of the organ console (the keyboards). the organ itself is situated smack in the middle of our altar area, and the choir has to sit on either side of it. this makes it (impossible? rediculous? stupid hard?) difficult to see and hear each other, and so we’ve been sort of singing as two half-size ensembles, rather that a single large-size ensemble. this also means that what we hear when we practice in the choir room (where we are all allowed to sit together) is completely different from what we hear when we’re actually in the sanctuary. this makes it terribly difficult (again, stupid hard) to tune to each other properly, and it makes practicing in the choir room kind of pointless. !. so, the new choir director, perhaps emblazoned by The Spirit, perhaps having just drunk a few too many of his overpowered homemade cosmos, decided to float the idea of replacing it with an electric organ, so that we could place the pipes elsewhere and have the choir sit together. well. you can imagine how well that went over, with a semi-old-people anglo-catholic episcopalian congregation. actually, it went over fairly well. there was one lady who didn’t quite realize that this was the “float the idea” meeting and not the “we are doing this so get over it” meeting, but otherwise, it went okay. we encouraged people to go up and see what we see from our little spots in the corner, which be hardly anything, or what the choir director can see of us, which be actually nothing at all, and they pretty much saw it our way, s oto speak. since our organ is so flagrantly hot, we may have an official offer on it as early as this weekend, although i think that’s a little fast in term of we haven’t even discovered how much it would cost to get a new organ and have that one installed. anyway, that’s about all i have to say on that. i swear, i started this blog entry like a week ago. my second story for workshop is due in precisely one week. i figured out a structure that doesn’t make me wanna hurl this evening, thanks to my muse, little sister dana-chan, so now i just have to put my butt in the chair and write the damn thing. yeah. good luck.

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