mobiboc b – daikon-kuuun!

the poor dear. there’s no place on this g1 for daikon kun. it has everything, how could it not have a strap thingy? 日本語の入力はあります。[it has japanese input.] in fact, i’m writing this entry from my phone during a lull in calls. that’s right, it’s the advent of cubicle blogging! well, for me anyway. i’m sure it’s not new for anyone else, but if not for my company’s overzealous guarding of the internets, i wouldn’t have to bother. anyhow! the g1. it is hawt. i mean sexy hawt. crap battery life, but it’s so incredibly awesome that i just don’t care. it notifies me of emails. has a gmail client built right in. does pop3 accounts. the internets. twitter clients. there’s even a netflix client so you can add movie to your queueu FROM ANYWHERE! yeah, meredeth’s a tad too excited about it. (^_^) what i really can’t wait for is textnovel time. i haven’t been there in so long. and my next story’s due for class march 10th. oh noes! (^_^) i think i’m revising a story i wrote (way back) about an assissin-to-be passing his killing test. it sould be super fun. we get to write whatever we want in this class. (^_^) alright, the lull my be ending, thus i must go. see you out and about later~

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