FACT 118 – silken bondage

work on TFB continues… my lord, how long has this been going on? it’s like you found out your girlfriend’s been cheating on you and all you can think to ask is how long it’s been going on. (T_T) ANYWAY. despite distractions (snow, dream where i killed my mother’s cats, sister got laid off) i did manage to finish a project this afternoon. i don’t have a picture yet, but i finished a watch. it’s got a fancy beaded strap, in delica beads (super expensive, mildly better than other beads due to their fairly consistent shape) of peacock, butter, and galvanized steel green. i have plenty of beads left over, so i think i shall be making ring(s) to go with it, maybe this weekend. what i do have pictures of is january’s Book. why in the name of all that is holy do i have so many pictures? … well, i’ve decided it’s not up to my standards to be listed on etsy, so this is my only venue for displaying it… hopefully the other books will be saleable. although a series w/out the first month is kind of stupid. WHATEVER. what i’m doing tonight is making myself a super custom wallet that holds my list book as well as my cards. at first i was going to make it out of plastic canvas/needlepoint, but then i realized that TFB is still in process, and it turns out that i’m really not interested in starting extra needlepoint projects at this time thank you very much. (^_^) this way, i get experience making boxes, which i totally need, AND i get to use my (plethora) of cardboard boxes hanging around the place. i’ll post shots of my handiwork once i finish it.

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