FACT 119 – insert inscrutable title here

today’s assignement, should you choose to accept it, is to translate the controls of a japanese bread machine. yup, that’s right. a bread machine. i’d go of on some tanget about the pointlessness of bread machines except that i own one. i’m addicted to it. it will be one of the first appliances purchased for my new kitchen next year. fridge? microwave? breadmachine. the essentials. (^_^) anyway, this is actually YOUkun’s bread machine, as blogged about in entry number 625 in its original and my english translation. i had someone the other day ask if i would translate the buttons, apparently they own one of these machines, too, but can’t read the buttons, so w/out further ado, here goes! TWINBIRD, of course, the brand name. underneath the arrows, next to the display window, TIMER little yellow circle words: Loaf Menu and then: 0 (i’m not sure, maybe Additional Baking?) 1 One Loaf 2 1.5 Loaf (i’m really not sure what the little box next to this one says, it’s too small for me to read. 3 1.5 Loaf (somthing else that i can’t read) 4 1.5 Loaf (Quick Baking) 5 Soft (as in, soft crust, i believe) (and the big yellow button says Menu) next menu, Variety Menu 6 Whole Wheat Flour 7 French Bread Style 8 Sweet Bread (big pink button, START) next menu, Special Menu 9 Dough (as in, the machine just mixes it, it doesn’t bake anything) 10 Pizza dough 11 Jam (… i’m not sure if this means, If you have a jam in the mixer or what …) (and the big white button, CANCEL) miss Cik Di, if you can scan in the manuel, or find it online somewhere (i didn’t see it on their current site…) than i’ll be happy to translate that for you too. hope this helps~

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