FACT 16 – okureteimasu~

which means I’m late. which i am. i’m back up to 49 posts behind on YOU-kun’s journal. on the other hand, i am making good time with the second chapter of warawanai ningyou. at first i didn’t like this chapter, but as i get closer to finishing it, i like it more and more. i’m going to have to see if i can get ahold of some more of her stuff. ima-san is really amazing. she packs so much foreshadowing and so much character stuff into so few pages. i was reading some reviews of her other stuff on amazon japan the other day, and it seems that’s her style, so i’ve definitely gotta get ahold of some stuff. i think sasuga books is going to grow to love me. (^_^) oh! speaking of sasuga! i ordered something from them the other day! it should be here pretty soon. i’ll put it up when it comes. it’s a novel, so i’ll have to spend some time whenever i want to translate that thing, but it’s the first book in the suzumiya haruhi series, which for those of you who’ve never heard of it (like me until about a week ago) is about a high school girl who hunts down aliens. it’s apparently spawned a series of manga and an anime, none of which i’ve ever seen, but it should be fun anyway. and it’s categorized as a “light novel” which means i might have some chance of getting through it w/out the desire to kill myself. (kokui no kishi, anyone? (^^;) )

speaking of japanese novels, how many of you have heard of Kino’s Journey? it is quite possibly the most awesome anime on the face of the planet. it’s about this girl who travels around with her motorad hermes. … yeah, that’s it, there’s nothing more. sore dake ja. and yet still it manages to be awesome. i highly recommend you go out right now and buy the boxed set. it’s 13 episodes, so only 3~4 discs. i swear to you, it is worth buying the whole series at once, because once you watch one, you’re going to want them all. like pokemon, only with a bizarre o henry twist. and brains. that’s right, a dig at pokemon. move on. what i’m really bringing up kino for is the fact that the anime is actually based on a series of novels (sensing a theme here?), the first one of which i own. now, kino, in general, is very out of joint and disassociative, and so the novels are extremely non-linear. they are awesome. stuff doesn’t come in chronological order, and i’m betting, from the way that the author wrote it that way, that THAT’S THE WAY THE AUTHOR WROTE IT. so imagine my disappointment when i opened the first page of the english translation and viewed the following statement: “This English edition is presented as a linear narrative.” basically, i double-checked to see that they had, in fact, messed with the chapter orders, which they had, and to see that they didn’t bother adhering to the series chapter title format of “The Country of blahblahblah” which they didn’t, and put the book down. unfortunately, since the series has been translated and commercially released, i’m very edgy about trying to do it myself and release it on the web, but i’m disappointed that they messed with the format of the book. as a writer, i would be terribly miffed if someone messed with the format of my novel like that.


speaking of things that people should buy, Lode Runner! it’s an uber ancient (circa 1994) Sierra game. poor sierra. (T_T) i used to play The Legend Returns all the time, and i found out quite by accident one day that if you stuck the CD in the CD player, you got to listen to the OST! so i recorded it, but our CD was so mucked up that some of the tracks skipped. well, at some point, we got rid of the disc. (T_T) i went back to try and play it, and couldn’t find it. so, long story short (mm? already too long? (^_^) ) after much quality time with google, i finally found it again, along with it’s long lost sequel, Lode Runner Online! basically, you run around collecting gold while foiling little red-hooded monks. it sounds simple, but it’s like a platformer puzzle game, and it quickly gets difficult. if you’d like to try it out, it works perfectly on XP, try here, but be warned, you will be addicted. all the music is in a clearly labeled file in the game directory, and it’s all in MIDI format, so have fun!

and now to return to mafia members w/ crushes on each other who may or may not be members of the saipan professional killers society and little boys with big brother complexes who are so desperate for a passport that they will try literally anything. (^_^)-b


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