FACT 17 – rehabilitation

three days later, and i’m still trying to recover from this. if you look at all the posts i made over feb 28 and mar 1, i actually made all but one of those in one long stretch, it’s just that midnight passed while i was posting them. … yeah. it was like 03.30 before i was finished. then i was too excited to sit still, so it was like 06.00 before i got to sleep. good thing i’m a vampire! (^_^)

actually, i didn’t mind doing it. like i said, i was really excited. the problem now is that it’s March Madness, and i have 12 short stories to write this month. now, i’ve only got one YOU-kun post a day, so i’m hoping it won’t be too terrible, but we’ll see. i have one story done already! i’ll be posting that here in a minute. it’s girl’s night tonight at my house, so i won’t be doing much writing this evening. more like drinking, really. (^_^) this first installment is actually the beginning of a serial i’m planning for this month. my March Madness 2007 THEME is Rock Stars. all my stories will be about rock stars, or people who are like rock stars. vampires and princes and things like that. and i have to do one collaboration, but i’m putting that off until i’ve got a couple stories under my belt. i haven’t written much since november, so i need a little practice. (^_^)

so then, w/out further ado, the story!


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