FACT 24 – who likes lizzards?

i do! i do! so i made a pair. actually, this isn’t the first lizzard i’ve made. i can’t find the pattern i made for edgar any more, though, so i had to recreate it. which was a pain. it’s still not exactly right. edgar’s head is smaller, and a little more globular. his body is smaller, too, but to tell the truth, i kind of like the larger body. it fits more beans, so it feels more substantial, heavier. i’m thinking about selling them, but honestly, i’d prefer not to do it in my etsy shop. they don’t really fit with journals in any way shape or form, and i’d like to keep notuboc to paper goods if i can. there’s homegrown market, i suppose, and the recently discovered mintd, but neither one of those sites is really doing it for me. i suppose if push comes to shove, i could just sell them here and maybe on dA… they’re made of felt and plastic beans, and they’re nearly a foot long. i’ve got wads of different colors, and of course felt comes in metallics and patterns and all sorts of goodness. … i don’t know. would you buy one? for US$15 maybe? let me know.

in other news of great hawtness, i got both my passport and it’s sexy new home in the mail this afternoon~ viva la tinymeat! it matches my green wallet wallet. it’s made from cardboard or something, glued to paint chips, and then (industrially?) stitched together in between sheets of plastic. and it is hawt. i get comments on my wallet wallet all the time. actually, i get more comments on that then i do on my books. hrm, maybe i should be jealous? i would be, i guess, but it’s sheer coolness outstrips any other feelings i may have cared to have about it.

speaking of cool things on etsy, i started a new series of books! [americana] is the first in a series of flag books, each book’s cover done in a different flag, all of them done to the proper legal ratios! that’s right, my sweden book was so friggin cool that i can no longer stop myself. (^_^) at the moment, i’m working on indonesia. why, you ask? well well we-hell. more etsy goodness, that’s why. there is a certain young woman, a certain deLIGHTful young woman, who is attempting to destash herself of a rather massive collection of paper goods before she moves to indonesia. a massive collection which will soon belong to me. all your paper goods are belong to me. (^_^) it’s like $300 worth of stuff. since she’s moving in like a week, she accepted an offer of $90. she must be out of her mind, but i won’t tell her if you don’t. i offered to make her a flag book for her new home, but her luggage is already stuffed to the brim, so she had to pass, but i decided indonesia doesn’t get enough lovin’ and so i’m making the book anyway. she’ll be here on saturday to make The Transfer, so who knows, maybe she’ll see it and be unable to part with it. i do make my books with crack, you know. (^_^)


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