FACT 23 – aftermath

well, we’ve exhausted all other options. i’m going to have to get a new car. a new engine, if he could find one, was going to be $1500+ to put in, which is probably 3 times what the car is worth, so. shrug. it’s just not worth it. the poor dear had 99k+ miles on her, she wasn’t long for this world anyway. (;_;) i’m so sad. (T_T) inconsolable. desolate. depressed. grief-stricken.


the plan at this point is that i’ll be driving my sister’s car (a 2002 toyota echo. possibly the most uncomfortably designed car on the face of this planet) until eternity/june, when i’m going to sweden. in the meanwhile, i’ll be penny-pinching to save up, not for the sweden trip as planned (fuck, i would like to point out), but rather for a down payment. then when i get back from sweden, i’ll get a new car, a new job, and a new, even more despressingly destitute, view of life.

please, allow me to take this opportunity once again to bad-mouth tilton’s.

tilton’s? dear? die in fire.

thank you.

of course now, if there actually IS a fire over there, i’m probably prime suspect or something, but i think all in all prison might be an upgrade. don’t need a car in prison. get a whole library for free. and free health care. probably i’d only get minimum security, so it really wouldn’t be hideous.

oh man, i am in a bleak mood. you can especially tell because i’m making something cute and … … dare i say it … … americana. *gasp!* i know.

although i can’t claim that god has completely forsaken me. guess who i saw at the grocery store the other night? you’ll never guess, i guarantee it. … eh? you don’t really know me? (^^;)

sorry. channeled YOU-kun there for a minute. i saw this set of brothers i knew in high school. Erik and William Wayne. oh MAN did i have a crush on william in high school. course, i was a senior and he was a freshman, so in those days it seemed like a big deal, but now i’m wishing i’d’ve at least kissed him or something. i mean, jeez he grew up to be cute~ erik looks about the same as i remember him, and actually, william looks basically the same, too, just less lanky. still adorable though. … oh man, i hope he’s not in the habit of googling himself. (^^;)

have you ever googled yourself? you should try it, it’s quite humorous. my sister turns out to share her name w/ a rather prominent texan lawyer.

god i’m random today. schizophrenia brought about by loss of baby. incidentally, william drives a black honda civic. i’d like to state for the record here and now that i have always loved honda civics. i almost bought one instead of my baby, actually. it was that musty blue that honda had going on in the late 90s. it was adorable, too, but the engine sounded a little… growly. so we decided to go w/ the tercel. (T_T) MY BABY~ WAAAH~

my best bet for a new vehicle at this point is looking to be a place a few streets over from where i live that will give you $3000 trade-in for anything that is now technically or was once possibly a car. the problem is, i don’t generally like the cars they have over there, and the $3000 is only for certain (i.e., usually slightly broken) cars in one section of the lot. the cars i like are in the lot next to where i work, and their prices aren’t bad at all, so that seems likely as well. of course the other, most pleasant, option is to buy a vespa. i’ve wanted a vespa for a looong time, and there’s a place down the street from where i work that sells them. so that’s three places on my “possible” list. the situation isn’t really as bleak as it could be, i’m just sad. i have so many good memories w/ that tercel. it was my very first car ever. i got in my one and only accident in that car. w/ the stupidest woman on the planet. i was almost killed in that car once. after the engine block cracked due to my negligence. i’ve treated that car like shit, feces i tell you, and it still ran like a charm. and if tilton’s had been bothered to do what i paid them FIVE fucking THOUSAND DOLLARS to do, it would still be with us today.

beloved car,
saver of gas money,
taken before its time.
RIP, my tank.


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  1. I can understand where you’re conmig from I’m currently trying to find that balance between work and writing myself. If you really want to do it, and decide to go for it, try not to pressure yourself or be hard on yourself. Do it for fun this time around if you do it, and don’t worry about reaching 50,000 words. Otherwise, you may end up feeling really overwhelmed, and the writing may feel too much like what you *have* to do, rather than what you *love* to do. I know that when I spread myself too thin, and try to do too much at once, even though I try my best I still can’t give my all to any one project. You have a lot on your plate right now, so I’d say take it easy. Maybe skip this one. Or if you decide to go for it, do it at your own pace. Good luck on your editing, and on the NaNo if you decide you want to do it. But most of all, take care of yourself, and try not to stress.

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