fact 36 – error! error! error!

what’s this? i finally managed to take pictures of the newest addition to my driveway? did i, for once in my freaking life, make a point of doing something about which i previously said, ‘i should do that’?

yes. seriously, faint now.

iya~ i’m in a pissy mood today. i’m sleepy. i was making those freaking japanese books (the commish from the chap in dayton? he ordered 30 japanese stab binding books with boxes) last night and then i went to watch some tv before bed and then suddenly is was 2.30 in the morning. not that that’s particularly late for me, i suppose, but i have been trying for a “1 am as bedtime” idea since i got back from sweden. oh, that reminds me. my grandmother requested i print out a couple of my pics from the trip for her. she’s a tad tech-challenged.

anyhow, my car. it’s a 1997 nissan altima, with power everything, which i hate, and the fugliest exterior this side of a chevy. also, the inside is built for people with long legs, a demographic to which i most certainly do not belong. the speaker up by the driver’s seat is busted out, something i suppose i’m not horribly concerned about given that i have plans to replace the stereo system anyhow, but what i really don’t like is how loud the interior is, even compared to my tercel, which, let’s just state for the record, was not built for luxury. the engine on the altima is actually quieter than either of the engines ever were on my baby, but the way the interior is designed, all of the low-frequency noise rumbles around the cabin in a bold if desperate attempt to give the driver a headache. also, i hate bucket seats. who the hell thought that extra padding would best be placed in the exact space where i normall put my arms. i realize i’m going to have them up at the steering wheel for most of the time, but when i’m at a stop light and i put my arms down, i don’t want to feel like i have to hunch forward to accommodate my own freaking appendages.

my new car’s official title? What I Could Afford. we’ll see how long it takes me to find a new job, get out of college, and get a new car. one that i want. for instance, a late-model hyundai accent. they’re purdy.

in other, more useful, news, i’ve overhauled notuboc.com. it’s also purdy. i also took some time to give theplushiefoundry it’s own site. now if only i could be bothered to make some actual products for it. (^^;) i’ve been a tad busy. i have finished my initial translation of the first demian syndrome extra i’m working on for storminheaven. i started typing it up last night, but it’s a little wierd because there’s text all over the place in most of those panels. i hope the editor can tell what’s supposed to go where… after that, there’s a little 6-page DS extra, and then it’s back to lunar desert. actually, i’m looking forward to something where the biggest obsticle to translation isn’t the manga-ka’s own handwriting. (>_<) … ok, there are about a bazillion spelling errors in this post, but i’m not really in a mood to care. … … … … normally – weird – obstacle


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