fact 39 – why listing sucks

because i am lazy.

that is all.

well, alright, it’s not actually all. the picture is the six books/boxes i have finished for budokan. they’re not turning out to shabby at all, even if i do say so myself. i’ve got most of the rest of them well under way, i’m just waiting for the rest of the toggles i ordered. man, those things were a hell of a lot more expensive than i figured they’d be. unfortunately, i’m going to have to raise the price if they want me to make any more books. i’ll have to tell them when i give them their books, too, in case they want to shop around. part of me says, yes, please, find someone else, these things are bloody tedious! but part of me says, they look so awesome when they’re done, and i love getting paid for making books, don’t you dare find someone else! … so i guess either way, i’ll have something to be happy about. (^_^)

speaking of things to be happy about, i’ve finished the first indiana jones grail diary. did i tell you already? i can’t even remember this morning, let alone however many day ago i may or may not have told you. i don’t think i did. anyhow. i finished it. it’s gorgeous and hawt and smexy. now i’ve gotta list the thing, and that means taking pictures of it, and that means setting up the little fake-ass lighting box i made out of a massive cardboard box. the problem is, even with my “light box” the lighting never turns out terribly good, and i’m getting a little impatient with having to photoshop every single picture.

of course, it’s not like i’ve got a lot of patience just lying about the place these days. on the contrary, i have even less patience than normal, and i don’t normally have that much. every day that passes, i hate my altima more and more. the only thing i love about that car? the cruise control. pretty much nothing else is doing it for me at all. and i’m still unemployed. wtf is wrong with people? i know i’m employable, i’ve had jobs before, and i was darn good at them. i can understand the first place not hiring me, they were looking for full time, i was looking for part time. as for the other half dozen places i’ve sent my resume to, i don’t know what their problem is. especially the print shops. i would probably stab someone to work in a print shop. unfortunately, there isn’t a place on a resume for Jobs I Have Always Wanted, and there’s only so much “please give me this job, i will love it i swears!” that you can stick in a cover letter.

and etsy’s not helping that much. i had a couple of sales last weekend, but it’s summer, and the summer months are notoriously slow over there, as, i image, they are for most retail.

i did manage to crack the secret of belgian eyelet binding, mostly thanks to some pictures over on bookgirl’s blog. it turns out to be silly easy. i’ve done up a couple of books in that style (of course which i have yet to take photos of and list, see above) and i absolutely love it. it’s a little ungainly for the first couple stitches, but i love the way the spine sort of floats alongside the book. it’s not actually glued to anything, it’s held in place by the stitching through the cover. also, i found a chart with historical book sizes, so i did what’s apparently called a folscap or some such thing. it’s pretty much the perfect size. i shall have to make more.


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