FACT 40 – it’s hot.


[maji. eakon wa kowareru. isshunkan kara. boku no atama mo kowareru ga, aikawarazu konna da naa.]

seriously. the air conditioner is broken. since a week ago. my head is broken, too, but it’s usually like that, you know.

… i’ve been going through the Let’s Learn Japanese series. mary althaus? scary. mine-san? sugihara-san? kaihou-san? all scary. yan-san? somehow scarier. (^^;) it turns out that i can hear the words alright, even at natural speed, as long as i already know the vocabulary for what they’re saying. the only exception is katou-san’s 急いでください (isoide-kudasai). he busted out with it in the little skit today, and at first i was like wtf? then they went through a little review, and i was like oh!, but then they went back to the skit, and i was like, wtf? i’m sure that is indeed what katou-san was saying, but it sounded like gibberish to me. it is doing me some good, though. as witnessed above, i’ve got yet another excuse to practice my japanese. i seriously can’t wait to go. … which is a sentence that makes it seem like i’ve got plans for that, but so far my only plans run along the lines of “one day.”

for the moment, most of my plans run along the lines of “get a job.” seriously, i know it’s easier to get a job if you already have a job, but W.T.F. people!? i am perfectly employable. i speak english, i speak it well, and i am not afraid to interact w/ your customers. actually, what i’d really like is the Printer’s Assitant job i applied for the other day, but given that i have exactly zero experience, i’m not setting my hopes high. i’ve got an app for barnes & noble just sitting on my table, but frankly, i’m loathe to work retail again, even if it would be with sarita.

speaking of sarita, she bought me a book on the history of books the other week, and let me tell you, it totally rawks. the guy who wrote it is obviously as much of a book nerd as i am. the chapter i’m on at the moment is all about the koran, and there was an awesome story about this guy in venice, alexandro or something, anyhow, he was a printer, and in 1537 he produced the first known printed text of the koran. now mister venetian printer was a christian, and the koran was on the index of prohibited books, which means that he wasn’t supposed to own or read it. but he printed it. (^_^)-b makes me want to write another installment of jonathan of the ever changing last names.


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