FACT 72 – things it is NOT acceptable to say to your client

a) this book bored me to tears. remove it from my presence.
b) this commision is late because i couldn’t quite bring myself to care about it.
c) i’ll give you free shipping to lose my email address.

i know it’s tempting, ladies and gentlemen, but please. restrain yourself.

in other news, i am nearly finished with a young indiana jones diary for the same chap who ordered the replica grail diary. frankly, the inking was pretty boring, but the coloring was kind of relaxing (especially considering i had enough free time at work to do it there (^_^) ) and the binding went like a snap. the covers are looking pretty slick, too, if i do say so myself. i should have it all done tomorrow and then i can slip it quietly away in the shaded recesses of my book box until the payment traverses the atlantic ocean. oh, and i’ve got to find a good shot of the titanic’s tickets. shouldn’t be too hard. google search brought me about a billion of ’em, now i’ve got to sort the bad from the good and make my own replica.

also in other news, etsy‘s Alchemy is back! woohoo~ for those of you who don’t know, Alchemy is a place where you can request custom items. it’s like a little commission request area right w/in etsy. if you want it, you can request it. then people will bid on it, and you can select the bid you like, and they’ll make the thing for you. then they list it on etsy and you buy it. sim.ple. i got a few good commissions back before alchemy was shut down, so i’m fairly excited about the new version. i’ve already put in a few bids. one was already declined, so i guess there’s good and bad (^_^) but i’m just happy it’s back. they’ve been working on it forever. kinda like me and this poor indy jones diary. man, that chap’s patient.

oh, yes, also. the BESTbooks charity event is still going. we’re into week three? four? now and we’re raised almost $150, so go buy a book and join the fun~

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