FACT 73 – lookin’ a little funky?

that’s right, a redesign of the redesign. well, i just decided that it didn’t mesh w/ my vision enough to let it slide, so i came up with a whole new vision. frankly, i like this one better. also, for once, my blog and my HP now match. i know, shocking. also shocking is the complete lack of images. this is all text. well, obviously except for the blogger button, which you will now find at the bottom of the page. my NERdly knowledge of CSS triumphs once more!

also, brown.

let’s see, do i have any real news? oh, yes, you will soon my blog @ blog.notuboc.com. total blog integration ftw. and BEST is still having it’s charity drive, so go check it out! http://bestbooks.blogspot.com. we need our own domain, dontcha think?

by the way, if you don’t have the Blackadder ITC font, you should get it. Courier New just doesn’t cut it here, you know?

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