FACT 97 – boohoomoomoo

it comes in quarts? (^_^) my sister and i were shopping today for supplies for our Great Bento Possibility Bake In, and were searching (in vain) for miso paste and mirin when we visited Trader Joe’s. the above is what i walked out of the store with. as i say, we did not end up with any miso, nor any mirin. sad, since we found everything else quite easily. unfortunately, we didn’t go out early enough in the evening to get to the asian grocery store before they closed, so we’re heading over there tomorrow, but in the meanwhile, we’re eager to try our hand at things like mini chicken burgers, mini black bean burgers, and cooked-to-death peppers. (^_^)

mm? what are those little sticker-y things behind the ice cream? well! let me tell you! i bought a sticker maker (the 2.5 inch xyron one) to compliment the 2 inch circle punch i bought the other day and the 2 inch monogram punch i bought some number of months ago. they have fancy kits with extra borders and different fonts and stuff, so i decided to make… PROMOS! now i have 50 stickers and 50 non-stickers to send out as i see fit. i shall soon be listing my services over @ notuboc, so if you’re in the market, keep your eyes peeled!

by the way, the canoe is wood.

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