FACT 99 – jabba the hut

spurred on by the invisible power of the wiki, my sister tried her hand at cutting her own hair last night. it turned out not so bad, so i thought about it all day, and this evening i decided to let the power of the wiki overpower me as well. as you can see, it didn’t go all that badly. actually, now that my hair is fully dry, i’m willing to say it actually looks good. actually, with my fancy new goggles and aviator hat, i’m willing to say it looks awesome. once the weather cools back down to appropriate levels (that would be 65 farenheit degrees or lower, for those of you wondering) and i get to wear some turtlenecks, it’s really gonna look cute. once i get up off my lazy bum and try exercising for once in my bloody life (that would be Not Likely, for those of you wondering) and manage to get my stomach back to some kind of acceptable shape, i may actually be able to call myself Attractive. of course, if i’m so busy writing this november, perhaps i’ll forget to eat. about as likely as the sun forgetting to rise, but hey, gas is back under $3/gallon, so hope has resprung eternal.

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