FACT 101 – the breakfast of champions

hello. i’m satan, and i’d like to talk to you about birthdays. that’s right, today we mark the end of another whole year with yatsu. our favorite bookbinder is a little busy today, she’s got class and work to get to, books on weimar germany to read, her (somehow) very first power point presentation ever to prepare, but she did manage to send this picture along of her morning’s feast. in case you don’t recognize it, this is a Crack Cookie, known to the more normal parts of the globe as a no-bake oatmeal cookie. defined by yatsu’s sister in a moment of wildly keen insight as a peanut butter and chocolate concoction that causes you to eat fourteen of them in a row without noticing. yatsu exercised her limited cooking skills (seriously folks, it’s this and scrambled eggs) last night and whipped these up as a b-day present to herself and those cubicle mates of hers lucky enough to sit in her row. because she’s a hobbit. look for further proof after she returns from her day’s labors!


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