wow, it’s almost like i’m a real blogger these days, huh? with real updates and everything!

moving on.

yesterday was my final for my horrible Modern(ist) Fiction class. i hesitate to broadcast how horrid this class was, firstly because i shall be revealing myself as the worst kind of literary snob (i.e., one who hates Literary Snobs) but also because the professor was pretty good. he brought us doughnuts on the last day of class, so that was nice. and he liked my midterm essay, so that made me happy, too (especially considering i was sooo half asleep when i wrote that thing) (… a state i have written many of my best essays in, as it turns out). the thing is, a) i HATE james joyce (with a serious serious passion), b) i cannot stand virginia woolf (seriously), and c) i had (seriously) no interest whatsoever in writing my final paper. and i’m sure it showed. i ended up writing about sexuality, mostly homo-, in modern literature, after i realized that pretty much every single book we read contained somebody who was gay, or who wanted to explore gayness, or the author was gay, or something. actually, it’s a subject that comes up a lot in the classes i take. i don’t know if a disproportionate number of (especially canon) authors are homosexual, or if i’m just that lucky to get the classes where the prof’s aren’t afraid to talk about that kind of thing (^_^) but i finally decided to write a paper on the fact. now, not that i’m not all about procrastination (and i do mean all about) but when you’re going to the library for the first time five days before your paper is due, that’s probably not a good sign. (^^;)

also, i don’t know if i’ve mentioned this already, but i’m doing a series of posts over at the BESTbooks blog, so you’ll want to head on over and check that out. trust me, it’s real mediocre stuff. heheh. no, actually, it’s been a super blast writing these posts. i get to drool over all sorts of awesome books, and marvel at the pathetically high level of education most of my fellow bookbinders have apparently put them through, and then i get to make some jokes about it while i tell everyone how awesome our members are. that’s our keyword for this month’s posts, by the by, i’ve decided. awesome.

also, i have managed to find a pair of headphones almost as wonderful as my beloved koss. now, when a product’s page starts out by touting its color matching with that nasty apple mp3 player (ew!) you can’t really expect that much, but (bitter) experience has taught me that the little air vents people put in really do help with sound, and these were only $10 at Staples (or schtaplehs, as i often call it) (don’t ask why) (no, seriously, don’t) so i decided to give them a go. i’m ditching my iPod shuffle, so i needed a new pair of those nasty in-ear deals (so i can listen to my muzaks illegally at work!). i generally prefer my (now out of print) koss kc … um 55? something like that, anyway, they don’t make them anymore, and i am uber sad about that (T_T) because they are Awesome. these, however, turn out not to be so bad. they are philips brand, little black ones, and they are remarkably comfy (at least for in ear designs). they’re not as responsive as my koss headphones, but they’re pretty nice. they’re perfect for work. great sound and tiny design.

(today’s post brought to you by parenthases.) (seriously.)

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