fact 179 – that was hard

VICTORY DANCE! *falls over dead* oh my goodness. that was hard. i think that was the hardest NaNoWriMo i’ve ever done. (this is my eighth, by the way, and my eighth win, thank you very much~) i’m not sure why it was so hard for me. my level of enthusiasm going in certainly wasn’t there, but i’m not sure exactly why. i had originally planned to do a short story collection centered around the apocalypse, because i knew i wasn’t as fired up as normal, and if there’s one thing i’ll always enjoy, it’s a good end of the world story. but then one of the stories started to look like it was going to be long enough, so i ditched the whole multiple stories thing and focused on that story. … which suddenly ended about 26k in. i was just writing along, had the whole other half of the novel planned out, and then suddenly i was saying farewell to some of my remaining main characters. i’m all like, why does it feel like i’m saying goodbye to this person? and then, wait a minute, i’m saying goodbye to her, too! and then, okay, fine, i’m saying goodbye to all of them. at least killing off characters is an enjoyable past time! but then the story was over, and i was still, oh, you know, 24k short of a win? so i quick pulled in my other stories, and started writing them after all. but i am a planner, and of course i had completely failed to plan any of these stories… yeah, that might have had something to do with it. i also had a hard time turning my inner editor off. it was like having to fill in giant cannonball holes with toothpicks. i picked a bunch of stories i had started a couple of times and failed to complete, hoping that the deadline would spur me to action. well it worked, i guess, but i’m tired now. i’ve got four stories, two of which i’ve started at least three times each, and that was even before NaNo, and two stories that have been floating around for years, and they are all finished. i just don’t want to have anything further to do with them. for a long while. so for December, i’m playing video games. (^_^)-b #minecraft

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