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website redesign: GETTO shita~ i feel so awesome~ one ginormous image, one tinier image, and some fancy CSS, and some of you may actually be able to see the fancy fonts i mean you to see. for those of you without CSS3-compliant browsers, things may be a bit messed up, although it should still be fine. the shot to the left here is the idealised version i see on my own screen. (^_^) in other news, i have indeed finished Prince of the Sun, Princess of the Moon. and indeed people were shafted. it was pretty harsh, especially for our poor old King Brook. that dude had Tragic Flaw written all over him, and indeed he Fell. it was very entertaining. (^_^) as i said, i’ll be putting it up here after a little revision work. it’s actually two short stories that were originally published in The Sneaker magazine in the mid 90s, the first one about the brother and sister of the title. the second story is about them, too, but mostly about the relationship between them and their father, Brook, and how Brook’s obsession with power dooms them all, not to mention the doom he brings on Moss, and by extention, Lodoss. having finished that cheerful chapter of the Lodoss story, i’ve been digging around in my collection of imported books to see what i might like to translate next. i’ve got every lodoss book ever published (i think) as well as the RPG guidebooks (all three), so of course i could do something there. but i’ve also got the first of the Moribito books which could be entertaining. i know the anime’s been keeping my attention (the first four episodes anyway) and there’s plenty more where that came from. it’s the first in a 10-volume series. and it’s ostensibly children’s literature, so it might be easier. i’ve also got kino no tabi although that’s already been translated, and indeed i also own the english version, but the english version has the chapters in the wrong order, so who knows what else is weird there. and there’s a good 12 or 14 of those published. the other thing i’ve got, and the one i picked up for a little perusal, is a collection of natsuhiko kyogaku‘s “short” stories, which is actually 616 pages, and only the first of two similarly-sized volumes. they’re detective/ghost stories, and i read through the japanese wikipedia page to see if i really wanted to attempt it, and all i have to say is that if the stories are as good as these summaries have lead me to believe, i’m not gonna be able to put the book down. kyogoku’s debut novel was translated and published in english not to long ago (summer of the ubume) and apparently did well enough that they did up another one (loups-garous) so some shorts might be popular. of course, with someone else already doing his stuff, and all of these books being fairly recent, who knows what licensing madness i may be wading into. not that i’m particularly worried about legality, i guess. hobbists such as myself usually need only be served with a C&D letter to scare us before we run for the delete button… anyhow, if you’ve got any personal favorites out there that you’d love to see translated, drop me a comment. i prefer stuff that’s modern, speculative, and weird, and keep in mind that a 4-inch square book with 125 pages of normal-sized print took me a month to get through, but please, Suggest Away~~~

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