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i believe the lottery of blog posts has spared you the saga of my bloodyloud neighbors… that was a near thing on your part… on my part, it means that i will be spending May moving, again… the saga in a nutshell: one set of downstairs neighbors was really (i mean, seriously, really) loud. like, heartbeat in my floor loud. so i asked them to turn it down. the one dude asked me why i was always down there causing trouble (because asking once, politely, apparently constitutes “always causing trouble”) and the other dude tried to smarm me and offered me a beer. nb: i don’t drink. at least, not beer. at least, not with jerks who have only the bass line of their songs playing, and that so loud as to rattle my floorboards. two weeks later, they had it up again. at one thirty AM, saturday. and again at 2:15 AM, saturday. i complained to the management. management told me to call the police. so, when i was woken up the following tuesday by someone’s even louder bass, and when i came home that tuesday to find that the volume had, if anything, gone /up/, i called the police. police came out, knocked on their door (a knock which they did not answer until the third knock) and finally the jerks shut the hell up. at this point, they must have gotten mad though, because not even five days later, they had it up again. when i asked them to turn it down this time, they slammed the door in my face. so the next time i heard it (3 AM, by the by, monday morning) i didn’t even give them a warning knock, i called the cops straight off. i don’t know what happened that night between Them and The Cops, because as soon as i could, i went straight back to sleep, but the following week, i walked past their apartment to find the place vacant. haHA! you think, problem SOLVED! but alas, no. the people who live in the apartment immediately below me, the same girls who agreed with me that the jerk’s loud music was annoying, the very same girls who told me they did not own audio equipment of the caliber required to produce bass that could be heard in the next apartment, those girls had their music up loud enough to wake me up on a sunday afternoon. and then my upstairs neighbor had his TV up that afternoon. and mondays have mysteriously become band practice night or something around here. i swear i saw my other upstairs neighbors take mixing equipment and amps up to their aparment some weeks ago, and for the past couple of weeks, i’ve heard (what i assume to be) them, practicing. so i decided enough was enough, it was time to get out of here. i looked at a couple of places, most of which were financially impossible (not necessarily because of rent, but because of application fees and deposits and the like. i really wasn’t expecting to move out until /next/ spring), and finally i went to my rental office here and asked if they had any townhomes available. why yes, they just happen to have a nice new one with brand new carpet, shall we take a look? so, epic story somewhat short, i took a look, it’s right up near the front of the complex, the neighbors seem to be in bed circa 9:30, 10 pm on weeknights, and there’s a lovely tree right out front. i signed up. they approved my app, and now we’re waiting on word as to whether they’re going to waive the $200 get-out-of-jail card i would normally have to pay in order to weasel out of my lease. part of me is secretly hoping they’ll decide not to let me weasel out. i really am not interested in moving, i’m just interested in having more quiet evenings than noisy ones. and repainting this dr-pepper colored wall is really gonna be a drag… in the new place, i’m going to put of canvases instead of painting. i’m buying some rolled canvas and some 1x3s or something and making my own. in the living room, it’s going to be a massive reproduction of The Wave, that famous japanese painting, you know the one. i’m hoping to make it 8×6 feet. then i’ll set my tv up in front of it, so it’ll be like wallpaper, but cooler. and upstairs in the craftroom (actually the front bedroom, but there’s only going to be me there, so i’m taking full advantage), i’m thinking a giant beech tree. (because the boc part of notuboc literally refers to beech trees, which is what the anglo-saxons wrote on, which why the word later evolved into book.) i think it would be awesome to have all my product shots include a giant beech tree! (^_^) so while i’m waiting for that whole fiasco to blow over, i’m dunking entire book blocks in hot coffee. hence the little black spots on the pages. i swear i’m not letting my bookblocks get all buggy. i would never treat the little dears so poorly. but soaking them in hot caffinated beverage for several minutes and then tossing them out on the porch is perfectly fine! all’s fair in love and art. (^_^)-b speaking of art, music. dude. i’ve been listening to all sorts of odd stuff lately, and trust me, i’ll listen to just about anything, but my sisters seem to have become my main source of ossum lately. my youngest sister got me listening to Two Door Cinema Club, which is like pop+rock+8bit-video-games, and is just as fun to listen to as that might lead you to believe. all their songs are similar, fast tempos, guitar arpegio/rhythm things, and some of them are quite short, but their clever lyrics and catchy melodies more than make up for it. the other thing i’ve been listening to lately (besides my neighbors) is Universal Hall Pass. speaking of clever lyrics. only this girl? meshes it all together. check her out on youtube and then head over to amazon, or cdbaby, or your chosen other digital download area, because you’re gonna want some. Dragonfly is very good, Six-Step Dragon is very cool, if a little non-sensical, and there is this song called Katrina Josephina that will make you listen to it over and over and over. you will be compelled. so set aside a little while, coz you’ll need it. in other news, i’ve signed myself up for the next fiction project over at the art house co-op. (their site’s in the midst of a reboot, so it’s a little jacked at the moment, but check em out, their cool!) thank god they’ve extended their deadline to the middle of may, because with all this noise, i’ve been constitutionally incapable of writing anything coherent. (the two bedroom has a tiny little closet of a room in the basement that i instantly pictured my desk and typewriter in. ooo can’t wait!) my last fiction project was The Aftermath, which was about a dude who survives the plagepocalypse and how he deals with the general loss of humanity and the specific loss of his (ex-pregnant) girlfriend. this time, it’s Oasis, which is about a nuclear-physics scientist cum scavenger who (wait for it) survives the nukepocalypse (ha! fooled you!) and how he deals with the loss of his family and his part in bringing humanity’s end upon us all. it was supposed to be a (fairly) regular short story, but thanks to the influence of script frenzy, it became a script. i’m going to write it on my 1980s brother ep43 thermal typewriter. why? um… i had a good reason. why was it again? (FLCL ftw~) it was something about heat transfer and the fire that consumes his family. and the way it’s a totally obsolete piece of equipment that’s finding new life in the same way that our scavenger is. but mostly it’s because i <3 my typewriters. i can't wait to write NaNo on this thing! maybe i could host a tiny write-in this fall, if the two bedrooms's big enough once i get all my furniture into it...

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