FACT 159 – a deadline story

or more correctly, a procrastination story. (^^;) i have signed myself up for The Fiction Project, which, if you haven’t heard about it, is a delightful little thing over at the art house co-op where they send you a moleskine, you fill it up with, in this case, Fiction, and then you send it back. by May 23. yeah. well, at least i’m finished with the first draft. now to revise it, edit it, and copy it, by hand, into the little moleskine they sent me, and all monday evening, so that tuesday i can send it back to them priority, so they’re sure to have it by june 5. here’s what i’ve got so far: yeah. i’ve got a couple of art house projects going on actually. my favorite one so far is the free postcard art thing i did on a whim a couple of weeks back (yes, it’s been that long since i did a blog post!). the assignment was to make a 4×6 inch piece of art on the theme Dreams, and then mail it to them. here’s mine: (for a picture with the [outlandish] description, check the submission page. it’s worth it, trust me.) you can check out all my art house co-op projects over here, actually, and then you may even want to venture out into the rest of the site. if you have even thought about sketching, and especially if you’re one of those sketch-addicted people, your wallet may want to just hide in the corner now. (^_^) and just when it was the worst possible time to distract me, i found out that i won 1600 xbox points in this history channel contest. i was like, awesome! now i’ll never finish this story! (^^;) actually, i haven’t done too badly with it so far. i bought Braid (of course) and downloaded about every trial game in the entire indie games section. (^^;) the other game i’ve actually purchased was called Next Wars, or something. it’s a tower defense thing, only built like a little LED display or something. it would be so perfect on my phone, or my DS, or some kind of little hand-held thing, that i can hardly stand it. it is pretty awesome. i was surprised by how much i liked it, i don’t usually go for those kinds of games, but this one i can totally see myself getting addicted to. it’s like magnetica, but instead of clearing marbles by making threesomes, you clear bad guys by blowing them up with lasers. i know! lasers! … i also bought myself the most awesome scanner about two weeks ago. an epson … um … perfection v300 photo. that’s what it says on the side. (^_^) it’s got a little slide and negative scanner attachment (which is awesome) and if i was willing to wait overnight for a scan, i could do it at 4800 dpi. i don’t know what you could possibly need that for, maybe you need to study the strange bug you just killed in your bathroom and you haven’t got your electron microscope handy. at any rate, i’ll be putting my new baby to good use here before the end of the month, as i will be adding ACEOs to my etsy shop later this week. on a related note, does anyone else hate the picasa software as much as i do? i’ve been so busy running around buying groceries and scanners and yarn (oh my GOD the YARN) that i have completely neglected to purchase my long sought-after media pc, and it’s starting to really become a problem. all my ubuntu installation (actually, easy peasy installation) has on it is picasa, and that turns out to be about the worst possible software that man has ever designed. i long for photoshop. and please do not give me your “GIMP FTW” posts. a) i’ve tried gimp, i wasn’t terribly swayed one way or the next. b) my screen is 1280 by 600 pixels, i don’t think anything (even photoshop, sadly) will do much for that. also, c) whatever’s up w/ easy peasy 1.5 means that the thing throws me an error every time i try to install gimp. i guess i should just upgrade at this point, they just came out with 1.6 a couple weeks ago, but i’m far too lazy to back everything up and rewrite the whole thing. why, seriously, why, can’t they just build an upgrade that’s actually an upgrade and not an entire new edition. i will not completely wipe my computer and start over every time you feel like changing the chrome and sticking tom notes or whatever the hell it’s called back on my system, despite the fact that i remove it every time. seriously. and now my sister’s coming over, so i guess i won’t be doing any story revision at this moment, either. (^^;)

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