FACT 154 – the’lympics!

i shall now proceed to sit in front of the television for the next 16 days. well, less than that now, since this is day three or something, but yeah. don’t expect too much activity from this particular sphere until march. (^_^) not that i don’t have things to do… (T_T) in fact, what i’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time doing lately, is playing video games. i bought an xbox (+borderlands, +trusty bell, er, i mean, eternal sonata) and The Internet Boyfriend and i have been heavy into the borderlands. not that i don’t like video games, i guess, but i’ve done more gaming in the past week than i have probably in the entire three~six months before that. of course, any game where you can run people (and puppies) over w/ a rocket-launching 4-wheeler can’t be considered a waste of time (^^;) i’m just saying that some other things are getting neglected, that’s all. (^^;) for instance, i’m pretty sure i’m three entries behind on my YOUkun journal. i swear, guys, i’m not dead. i’m playing borderlands. (^_^) also neglected of late is my poor etsy shop. of course, listing is the part that i’m laziest about, no matter what, so i can’t blame that entirely on borderland (^^;) but i’d like to anyway! (^_^) but, i finally got over my laziness this afternoon AND LISTED SOMETHING! ginko bocloba, i call it~ 😀 in other news, i’ve been working on BUNNEH: this is BUNNEH mark III. my mom gave me BUNNEH mark I for christmas when i was little, and every time i wear her out, i just make a new one. (^_^) her name is katie, but this one is still BUNNEH until she’s done and i trade the old katie out for the new. poor girl suffered a clavicle fracture in the wash last time. (^^;) she’s just so old, the muslin ripped her head nearly clean off. i was like OH NOES! actually, it’s not horrible timing, since i’ll be moving into my own place before too much longer. this way, it’s like a complete start over. i haven’t even officially put in the application yet and i’m like, let’s move! we went to ikea the other weekend (despite the snOMG here in the midwest~) where i filled up on furniture (^_^) (got my brother a new bed for his birthday, got myself the most awesome wall mounted tv stand/dvd collection holder, and also got myself a new dresser) and then we went to old time pottery, where i got most of what i need for kitchen. the only things i need are a media pc (already picked out, just have to save up for it), a microwave, a toaster, and a vaccuum. the media pc i suppose i could technically live w/out for a while, but for preference, it’s actually a higher priority than any of the other things. (^^;) except a fire extinguisher. (^^;) .

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