FACT 148 – pocky party!

yesterday was the great pocky party, held in celebration of all things thin, pretzly and dipped in chocolate! actually, held in celebration of the piece of paper you saw in the previous entry, but things that are thin, pretzly and dipped in chocolate did make their presence felt. (^_^) just a little bit. (^_^) we didn’t eat all of it, but we came pretty close. everybody who came was a little hesitant at first, but everybody liked it.. coz pocky will RULE THE WORLD! (^_^) and for those of you who aren’t into five hundred pounds of chocolate, we have a forest of shrimp! and then we had some cake! because it can’t be a celebration without cake! my mommeh had a cake made just like my book! yay! one day, i promise, i’ll get that thing proofed and up for sale. (and i swear i am going to STAB this freaking media library! it simply will NOT upload my cake picture. fine, we’ll use flickr. that’s what it’s there for, after all. http://www.flickr.com/photos/notuboc/4204652259/) i got some pans, and some gift cards, and of course, some dollars, which i have already put towards the studio, as i have begun calling it. i bought some organizational lovelies, and subsequently ORganized. i’d get a picture up about it, but studio notuboc now occupies two walls of the dining room, a little chunk of the kitchen, as well as a few boxes of shipping supplies in the garage, so it might be a little difficult to fit it all into one frame. (^_^) i discovered things lurking in my pile of papers that i had 100% forgotten about, and about five tons of little ephemera. in the coming weeks, these things will find their way into book-shaped objects, and one day i’ll stop being so lazy and take some pictures of these book shaped objects and get them listed on etsy. i promise… ~meredeth. .

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