NaNoWriMo 2009 – day twenty-eight

i very nearly didn’t put a hyphen in that. just a little word count boosting tip, ladies and gentlemen, hyphens are the enemy. (^_^) in a related note, i caught up from a four day deficit and am now approximately half a day ahead of myself. i don’t know how many of you have been through a final quarter of college, but let me just say, for those of you who have yet to experience that peculiar joy in life, ZOMBIEJESUSLETMEOOOOUUUUTTT!!! seriously, i graduated from high school ten years and six months ago, and i am 100% ready to graduate from college and stop paying people money just so that i can learn about stuff i no longer have the mental capacity to care about. especially the part where you have to write 15 page papers on topic that you literally are physically incapable of caring less about than you currently do. (X_X) … okay, actually, there really is not anything i am not curious about, at least a little bit, but the problem is that you have to fill out 800 slips of paper just to take one class that you only care about a little bit, and then you have to hope that the miminum-wage/work-study employees who are supposed to be teaching you how to fill out which slips might actually be pretending to care about their job on that paticular day. the classes themselves weren’t bad, many of the professors were even great, but the paperwork made me want to jump in a lake. however, in more important news, the RSVPs for my graduation party are coming in! so far we just have the expected SORRYs from those too far away to make it, but i’m hoping tomorrow will bring some YESes from church members. for you here on the internet, here are some shots of the invitations, since i can’t send invites to all of you. (^_^) i don’t have any regular pictures of the insides, but the top just announces the graduation ceremony (december 13er at 2 PM!!!) and the bottom gives all kinds of details, like the web address where OSU will be putting up a live video feed of the event ( then the little slip of paper with the weird colored thing on the side is the actual party invite. some people didn’t get them, only because we got to fifty invitees and decided we might not have that much house space, so we had to cut it down a little. the weird colored thing is a pocky, which is what we will be eating at my party. for those of you who are unaware of pocky, check the amazon page for hideous details. i never knew there were so bloody may kinds of pocky, but i am eager to eat as many as i can! (^_^) these days, i’m getting used to not having any urgent projects that must must must be done. i really have nothing that i have to do this weekend, so i’m kind of like, … what? for the moment, i’ll try upping my current 47409 words (o YEAH babee~) and maybe i’ll (gasp!) make some art! gasp. .

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