FACT 142 – slideshow

o hai~ imagine that, my website is working again! =(>_)> actually, it’s been up now for a couple of weeks, but your humble narrator is much too lazy for that whole “updating” thing. (^^;) well, ACTUALLY, she’s been much too stressed out about Real Life ™ to engage in thoughts about Internet Life ™. but this post is the promised fotodump. (^_^) for a start, my phone takes uber-saturated photos. and, as you can see, taking photos whilst driving usually means a photo that is 45 degrees from level. (^^;) not that the whole drive down was bright colors and boring pavement lines. some of it was also boring colors and boring pavement lines. … actually, there was a lot of fog in the ohio valley. or at least there was on the way there. by the time i got anywhere near ohio on the way back, it was pitch black and had been for some number of hours. (T_T) oh yeah, and this picture i found in the virginia welcome center: maybe not the name i would have chosen if left to my own devices… on the bonus plan, this was my gas milage on the way down. ~400 miles to a tank, in a 1997 nissan altima in bad need of an oil change and about 6000 miles late for it’s 90000 mile check-up. yeah. not bad. this is the picture i took of the house the morning after i got there. it was super muggy, but gorgeous. i was so happy to be there, it was about the most beautiful thing i’d probably ever seen. (^_^) and we all had at least one palm tree on our little lot, too! good thing they’re cool to look at, coz they were everywhere. and it greeted me like it knew what i was about. (*joy*) but there was one more thing required to make the house meredeth-appropriate: there. now it’s perfect. there was plenty of wildlife to greet me, too. my favorite was that poor lizard from the porch. he must have crawled in and then couldn’t figure out how to crawl back out. the sun had turned him all mummified, too~ but maybe, like me, things didn’t end all that badly for him after all…

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