FACT 136 – the friday that almost wasn’t

this morning, i got up well before work and hung out for a while, reading my emails, eating my breakfast, perusing the newspaper. now for those of you who smell a horror story, you may already have guessed what happened. a little bit of milk left in the bowl when you’re done with your cereal, a little bit of keyboard left exposed while you’re reading your emails, maybe a tiny little jostle of your hands while you’re attempting to move the nearly empty cereal bowl to the sink. yeah. milk. on the keyboard. cry. but! geek to the rescue!!! seriously. i modded my baby (that is, my eeepc that i spilled the milk on) a while back to improve the responsiveness of the keyboard. i put several layers of aluminium foil under the keyboard, and i swear it has saved my life. the foil prevented the milk from penetrating all the way down, where it would have soaked my motherboard and fried my poor little dear. so, geek ftw, that’s what. in other news, i have taken the plunge. that’s right, i’ve become too nerdy for those mainstream american- or japanese-made mp3 players, i have to go for some creepy obscure korean brand now. (^_^) actually, i would have bought creative if i could have, but since they apparently can’t be bothered to integrate their expansion memory into the main library, that was pretty much a non-starter for me. my current player is a 40GB zen touch (that i got when it first came out, literally five years ago) and that poor thing has survived just about everything short of actually being run over with barely a scratch on it. it’s firmware, however, is another story. true to its era, the firmware has always been a bit buggy, and it’s so old now that it randomly freezes up and restarts and resets. and of course the battery doesn’t hold much of a charge, although frankly that’s less of a problem than the random freeze ups. the other day, it froze during boot-up and wouldn’t go anywhere, so i reset it, and it froze up again. i restarted it in safety mode, tried to run a disc check? it froze during the disc check. (>_<) so i started to look into other players. it didn't take me long to see that i wasn't going to get back up to 40GBs without going zune (bleh) or ip*d (so bleh i can't even write it down). instead, i came upon this little brand called cowon known for awesome awesome sound quality and expandable memory. so, since i often get stuck on one song or one artist for a while before i move on to another, i figured maybe losing that much sheer gig-age might not be that much of a problem for me after all. for instance, over the past week, i’ve listened to imogen heap’s Speak for Yourself about a hundred bazillion times, and then the Death Note soundtrack and gackt’s GHOST single another hundred bazillion times. absolutely nothing else. so, maybe 16GBs isn’t so bad after all… anyhow, i bought it this morning (after the Milk Incident) and i’m already dying of anticipation. i want it now. a la veruca salt. never-even-mind the two books i ordered with it. i’m SERIOUSLY desirous of GOODIES right now. so instead i’m making my book for the BESTbooks swap. our theme this time was actually a book structure, called a flag book, which you can read more about on our blog. i’ve taken those science book drawings where they try to show you the layers of the ocean with a cutaway drawing as my inspiration. it’s going to be a cutaway of the ocean, with each “flag” as another layer. my inspiration actually came from a papercraft blog i was reading the other day, which for the life of me i can’t find, otherwise i would link it. coz the picture was awesomes. anyway, i’ll take some shots of the book when i’m done, you’ll see what i mean. .

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