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well, screnzy was a big ol’ FAIL. super annoying. on the other hand, i have finished my super revision of Joachim. that’s right, my story from like three months ago, and i finally revised it. i never really put it down, and then i didn’t have anything really to hand to submit for the fall fiction workshop class. so i set about reducing the suck. apparently i succeeded, because i got an email the next day saying i was in. it also said that she’d be forwarding a reading list in case any of us wanted to get a head start over the summer. i’m desperately curious what sort of reading list there could even be for a fiction workshop class. i need that list as soon as possible. (^_^) also, i’ll put my revision up here when i get home for anyone who’s interested. i’ll probably submit it to dA, too, but really i need to start writing some stuff for proseplease. i’ve got a bunch of old prompts to finish up. most of them i already have ideas for, i’ve just gotta write the dern things. there is one that’s been stumping me for a long while, but i haven’t stopped thinking about that one either, so eventually it’ll come to me. anyhow, it’s back to doing my work for me, i just wanted to drop in and say hi. oh and also that i built myself a rockin’ media pc and that it is sucking my time down a dark dark hole. .

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